Aspire Atlantis Drip Tip Adapter

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Aspire Atlantis Drip Tip Adapter

The Aspire Atlantis v2 & the Aspire Atlantis Mega are fantastic tanks i am sure you will agree. The only downside to them is the huge drip tip that comes with them.

Fear not as you can now attach any drip tip that you see fit by purchasing this official Aspire Atlantis Drip Tip Adapter.

When installed you can use only 510 push in drip tip to finally get what you want from these amazing tanks.

The drip tip Airflow is not effecting by this and you can use this on the Atlantis V2 & the Atlantis Mega.

| 2 reviews
As usual, needed to reduce the bottomless pit they call a driptip. This does the job very well and leaves the airway clear, if that's important to you. Also it doesn't look out of place.
| 2 reviews
Have just bought one of these adaptors because of the ridiculous size of the Atlantis 2 drip tip. Ordered Sunday, received Tuesday. Simple straight forward solution. Now using my favourite 510 drip tip. Excellent! Well pleased.

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