3 life lessons from quitting smoking

According to statistics released by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), there are currently 10 million adults that smoke cigarettes in Great Britain; this astonishing figure adds to the alarmingly high smoking rates found all over the world as we try and face our present day smoking epidemic. However, with more and more people turning to specialists for help and advice and more advanced technology being created to help aid smokers who don’t want to quit entirely, like e-cigarettes, the concept of a brighter future for current smokers seems within reach.

There are so many benefits associated with quitting smoking and with these benefits, a few life lessons that you can keep close when times get tough. So, let’s take a look at just 3 life lessons that you can learn from quitting smoking.

People do understand

The common saying ‘nobody understands’ is so overused nowadays that I think people are actually starting to believe that no-one else in the world faces what you face; especially in terms of quitting old habits like smoking. The truth is it’s likely that someone else is going through what you’re going through and if not, there are plenty of people who can still provide support through hard times. Whether it’s your parents, a close friend or even someone you just met, give them a chance! You might even find that they’ve quit smoking before and know how to go about it and deal with cravings safely and effectively. The main message here is that people do and can understand if you let them.

You’re strong enough to quit

This is a difficult one to remember, especially if you’re feeling low or feel like you really need a cigarette. However, it’s a great life lesson that giving up smoking teaches us. Beating cravings alone is something that many smokers struggle with during the quitting phase, but if you can keep this little life lesson in mind it might help you to put down the packet and kick the habit once and for all.

There’s always an alternative…

If you feel like you physically can’t give up smoking or you don’t want to but you still want a few of the benefits associated with quitting like no horrible odour, you can always choose the alternative; electronic cigarettes. These devices are designed to mimic the act of smoking while still providing the ‘vaper’ with a nicotine fix to relieve their cravings. While there is so much controversy surrounding these products, we believe they are a safer, healthier alternative to smoking and a great option for people seeking a substitute.

These are just 3 life lessons that quitting smoking teaches.

If you want to make the switch, we have a number of electronic cigarette starter kits available for purchase as well as flavoured e juices with numerous strengths so you can choose the right nicotine content for your vaping needs.

For more information, please get in touch through our website or see the rest of our blog.

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