4 places where you can soon smoke e-cigarettes


Public opinion regarding the usage of e-cigarettes is becoming more and more relaxed, with 75% of people asked for recent study conducted by BBC News stating they would not feel uncomfortable if an e-cigarette was smoked near them or their families. The study also confirmed that a majority of British residents feel that e-cigarettes and their variations should be not banned, confirming that many people feel they present no risk to their environment when used in public. The preference of e-cigs or vaping is also strongly recommended by several health professionals, who state that the more people who make the switch from tobacco to electronic, the bigger health benefits that can be achieved for their users.

With these overwhelmingly positive findings therefore, it’s just to start looking at places where e-cigarettes will soon be legally allowed to be used in the future:


Whilst major chains Mitchells & Butlers and JD Wetherspoon have temporarily banned e-cigarettes, it’s becoming increasingly likely that pubs across the country will be the first places where e-cigarettes will be allowed. This is not only because of their social and laidback environment, but also they attract more of a clientele which understand e-liquid and its implications and therefore know more about the non-harmful vapours they produce.


At the moment it varies from restaurant to restaurant but soon smoking an e-cigarette after a meal may become commonplace for smokers. Until legislation is firmly in place, whilst e-cigarettes can be justified to restaurant owners thanks to their lack of emissions, it’s best to be prepared for any comments or confrontations from fellow customers who may not have any knowledge of how the electronic cigarette works.

Shopping centres

Whilst retail chains differ in their views, certain shopping malls or centres across the UK allow e-cigarettes to be used in their premises. Westfield in North London and the Bullring in Birmingham are famous examples of shopping centres which permit their use, demonstrating how several centres already permit the e-cigs to be used both inside and outside.


In offices across the country e-cigarettes are becoming a popular option for both employees and employers. This is because they form a significant solution to the time lost by employees who take several smoke breaks a day outside. With an e-cigarette, workers can smoke behind their desk, but it’s obviously best to confer with your boss before you start taking your electronic cigarette starter kit to work.

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