5 Classic E-Cig Blunders


Taking care of your clearomizer and atomiser should be a top priority when it comes to keeping your electronic cigarette safe; if these aren’t in good nick, it can affect your vaping experience and cause an unpleasant gurgling sound. Below we have compiled a list of the novice mistakes you may be making that could damage your electronic cigarette and how you can avoid these common blunders.


Shorter Drags


We all know that one person who loves to puff on their e-cigarette but not without taking an ultra-long drag first. Top tip: this can seriously damage your atomiser and if you’re currently using a low ohm device, then you’re just asking for trouble. To avoid future damage try and space out your drags and limit yourself to how long you drag for.


Turning Off Your E-Cig


So many people forget to turn off their e-cig before they put it away but doing so might just cost you your device. For example, if you sat on your device and accidentally hit the button you’d more than likely hear that familiar gurgling sound and your atomiser may end up burnt as a result. This kind of damage is why it is important that you always remember to switch off your device before you put it in your bag or back pocket.


Top Up Your Eliquid


Another mistake that people tend to fall victim to is forgetting or not realising that they need to top up their eliquid – and fast. If you notice your eliquid dropping below a certain level, it’s time to give it some juice to keep it running otherwise it may lead to a shorter atomiser lifespan or even worse, a burn out. It is advised that you make sure your eliquid is always topped up to at least a quarter of its full capacity.


Never Hold The Button Before Vaping


While many people may enjoy their e-cig sounding like a hungry stomach, this fizz can actually cause damage to the device and even reduce the performance of the product. This is because eliquid can often collect and condense in the product’s mouthpiece, leading to the grumbling tummy sound mentioned above.


Never Get Eliquid Down the Centre Tube


Another common mistake often made by both novice and experienced vapers is getting eliquid down the centre tube. Of course, this will normally be an accident, but you should try your best to avoid it because getting it in the centre of the tube, rather than down the sides, can flood your clearomizer. If you do accidentally get eliquid in this tube, simply remove the bottom of the device then try using a piece of tissue and blowing through it in order to clear out the liquid.


These are just five tips and tricks on how to avoid the classic blunders associated with taking care of your electronic cigarette. Do you have any more suggestions that you would add to the list?


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