The 5 Most Popular E Liquid Flavours


Ever since their creation in 2003, nicotine based electronic cigarettes have had an upsurge in popularity, with the UK alone having more than a million users thanks to the host of health benefits e-cigarettes offer for traditional smokers. As an effective alternative to tobacco, using e-cigs is an ideal solution for those wanting to cut back on their cigarette usage, as well as cut back altogether, with many users claiming that e-cigs are a lot more effective as an anti-smoking supplement than both nicotine patches and inhalers. If you’re looking to make the switch over in the New Year therefore, here are five of the most popular flavours available to purchase in order to guarantee that your first time is divine:


From Granny Smith to Golden Delicious, apple flavoured e-cigs provide users with a taste of the juicy fruit whenever they want. Alongside the NHS recently classifying e-cigs are an aid to quit smoking; you could even say that an apple (e-cig) a day keeps the doctor away!


Cherry-flavoured e Juice may not be one of your five a day but it is a fruity treat for smokers with a sweet tooth. Providing a burst of berry with every smoke, customers choose cherry for its great taste and its convenience, providing a sharp fruit flavour throughout the day without buying a pack of sugary sweets or snacks.



The words ‘cigarette ice cream’ may seem unappetising, but thanks to vanilla e liquid this can be achieved and produce delicious consequences. Reminiscent of dairy treats and desserts, users can enjoy the smooth and creamy taste of vanilla straight from the pod without worrying about their calorie intake.


Ideal for some icy refreshment after dinner, menthol cigarettes provide a soothing experience for their users and hence why their electronic version is a popular replacement. Menthol e liquids can include peppermint, spearmint, as well as use natural menthol crystals to provide a striking yet subdued flavour for a flavour that’s as cold as ice.


By a long shot tobacco is the most popular flavour for e cigarettes. Whilst they go on to try different flavours, initially most users who swap over from tobacco to electronic find themselves missing the taste, hence why tobacco-flavoured e liquids are popular as they allow smokers to cut back whilst offering them the traditional taste.

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