5 Program’s/Documentaries That will Convert you from Tobacco to Electronic Cigarettes

If like many people you’re not phased by government health warnings, disturbingly graphic packaging and cigarettes laced with poison then you’re probably either a robot or a relative of Danny Dyer. But for those of you teetering on the edge of cigarette limbo this list might just push you over the edge. As we present to you “5 Programs/Documentaries that will Convert you from Tobacco to Electronic Cigarettes (In no particular order).”

#5 – We Love Cigarettes

The BBC horizon documentary (doc) takes a look at our deathly love affair with the cigarette and how it has changed over time. The film also documents the effects of tobacco from a global standpoint and the way in which it’s managed to infiltrate even the most poorest of nations.

#4 – Sex, Lies & Cigarettes

This highly provocative documentary focuses upon a David vs Goliath style battle between big tobacco companies and developing markets. This all came in the wake of a YouTube video which featured a 2-year old Indonesian child smoking cigarettes. “Vanguard correspondent Christof Putzel heads to Indonesia, where he exposes Big Tobacco’s successful and deadly expansion into that country (IMDB).”

#3 – The Tobacco Conspiracy

Delving deep into some of the more sordid practices of the tobacco firms, this documentary uncovers the hidden agendas of some of the biggest tobacco firms. From scientific frauds to working with organized crime, the tobacco industry Is shrouded in smoke and mirrors.

#2 – Addicted to Pleasure

This fairly candid BBC crusade fronted by actor Brian Cox touches upon the actor’s life being surrounded by smokers and how he managed to staved off the addiction. Cox travels to the U.S (Virginia to be specific) to “discover how the habit of smoking kick-started the British Empire and created a global market of addicts.” The documentary also takes a historical ‘hop skip and jump’ through time, highlighting how the Nazi’s were the first to make the link between smoking and lung cancer.

#1 – Cigarette Wars

“Correspondent Brian Shactman reports on an industry that continues to thrive despite all we know about the dangers of smoking. Cigarette taxes continue to skyrocket in the United States; driving the price up to as much as $14 per pack (must see movies).” Demonstrating just how costly the habit is.

And there you have it “5 programs/documentaries that will convert you from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.” I’m sure just watching any one of these videos will make you want to put down that tobacco cigarette you’re holding; to pick up a flavourful, cheaper and overall healthier e-cig.

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