The (Very) Abridged Encyclopaedia of E Cigarettes: The Fables

Welcome to this installation of our E Cig Encyclopaedia, looking at the Fables surrounding e cigarettes and vaping. Below are five debunked myths, fables and rumours people associate with e cigs.

Simply read on to laugh out loud and learn all about some of the “issues” people have with the vaping world.

5 E Cig Fables: Debunked!

E Cigs Contain Anti-Freeze

No. Propylene Glycol (PG) is an ingredient often found in e liquids and whilst PG is sometimes used in anti-freeze, it is not a harmful substance in itself. Not only is PG recognized as being safe for human consumption, but it is actually used in anti-freeze as a means of making the substance less harmful if accidentally ingested. So the PG in e cigs? Completely safe – and definitely not anti-freeze.

Nicotine Causes Cancer

This claim is either the result of misunderstanding, miscommunication or straightforward scaremongering. Nicotine is on a par with caffeine as far as the level of danger it poses to the body in its purest form. It is in fact the tar (produced by burnt tobacco and preservatives) in cigarettes that causes cancer, thanks to its cocktail of toxins and 70 known carcinogens. As far as e cigarettes go; no tobacco, no tar, no carcinogens.

Vaping Is As Deadly As Smoking Tobacco

There have been several studies conducted to explore this particular myth and they show that e cig vapour is free from most of the 4000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke. The chemicals that remain in e cig vapour are not something to be worried about though. Tests have found that the vapour only contains “trace amounts” which are, by definition: detectable but too small to measure. So even though some chemicals are present, they are not at harmful levels and they are nowhere near the levels found in tobacco smoke.

Vaping Turns Non-Smokers Into Smokers

This claim is actually the polar opposite of what e cigs do. E cigs offer a safer alternative to smoking; helping to bridge the gap between “smoker” and “non-smoker”, thus making the transition to being smoke-free easier. Smokers are influenced primarily by social and psychological factors; peer pressure, parental example and stress levels. The e cigarette simply offers smokers an alternative to help them break away from tobacco smoking and reduce the harm it causes to their health.

Second-Hand Vapour Is Dangerous

It is no secret that second-hand smoke is a threat to those around, particularly the young, the old and the ill. However, second-hand vapour is really very different – both in content and effect – to tobacco smoke. Electronic cigarette emissions only contain very small amounts of anything remotely harmful, especially compared to the tobacco alternative. Studies have shown that the vapour from an e cigarette poses no apparent threat to human health, so it is highly unlikely that secondary inhalation of vapour would cause any damage.


So there you have it. The five most talked about e cig evils…all put into perspective and thoroughly debunked. If you already vape then you’ll probably be chuckling to yourself about the above fables, but if you’re thinking about making the switch and the scaremongering has held you back until now, you can take solace in our debunking.  If you still have questions about e cigs or if you want to talk to someone about getting an e cig starter kit then please feel free to get in touch with the team here at Cloudstix – we’re always happy to help!

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