Is Your Aspire Product Genuine? Beware of Fakes


It is common knowledge that ecigs are becoming hugely popular and they’re now a common sight in day to day life. There are several different ranges of everyday ecigs, such as the aspire BDC and the Kanger T3s that are some of the most popular and easy to recognise when being used in public. They are becoming more and more cost effective for everyday use as they are becoming much cheaper than conventional smoking which this article explains.

This is also opening up the window to a lot of the more expensive ecig mods that provide a better quality vaping experience. What used to be a very niche hobby is now moving into the mainstream as the hundreds of thousands of vapers look for a better product and better experience. This has resulted in some of the main ecig suppliers going all out and really working on creating the best vaping tools out there. We only have to look at the new Aspire Atlantis V2 to see the kind of quality that is available.

What this means is that even though there are some low cost options out there in the ecig world, more and more people are opting for a higher quality, more expensive product. With demand like this surging in an already increasing market, this means that very quickly there are a lot of copy cats and replicas making their way into some ecig stores.

Luckily, Cloudstix are genuine suppliers of all of their ecig brands and in light of the ecig Atlantis V2 launch we would like to give you a quick overview of how to check if your Aspire product is genuine.

On each of your Aspire products there are 2 main checks you can do to make sure that the Aspire product you have is authentic.

Step 1: Check for the Hologram

Firstly, the new Aspire Atlantis V2 and others in the range have the specially made Aspire hologram on the product packaging. These are incredibly difficult to replicate so look out for one of these on the back of the box. If you find one of these then the chances are it is genuine. If you don’t see one, then use our second verification step to see if you have a genuine product.
Step 2: Check the security box

The most important part to check on the device is the security box on the packaging itself. On genuine products you will see a small scratch off panel that will reveal a code that you can enter online at to reveal whether this product is a genuine Aspire product. To prevent anyone using a previous code, it will also say how often that code has been checked so that you can see if a copycat has simply used that particular code before.

There are other ways to check such as looking for defect in packaging and the actual devices themselves, but overall if you check the above two steps you will be able to tell very quickly if it is a genuine Aspire product or not.

With the expected success of the Atlantis V2, there will be some copycat brand that make their way into some ecig shops so be sure to check the authenticity before you make your purchase and start vaping.

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