Benefits of Quitting Smoking

We are all aware by now that smoking is bad for us, but are we really aware of all the benefits that quitting can do for us? From health benefits to letting our natural beauty shine through and putting more pennies into our back pockets there really is no excuse to not to quit smoking!

Beauty Boost

When you quit smoking the blood supply improves to your skin, leaving you with a healthier complexion. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients so quitting is one of the best ways to boost your natural beauty and let your skin breathe smoke free. The collagen and elasticity of your skin will also improve and under eye circles will appear less prominent.

Get Rid of Wrinkles

If you’re a lipstick lover and your lipstick always runs into the fine lines around your lips then quitting smoking will help to get rid of those pesky lines. The lines don’t just stop around your mouth either, quitting will also slow down the ageing process and reduce crow’s feet around your eyes.

Nourished Nails

If smoking has left the tips of your fingers and nails yellow then get ready to see those fade. Luckily these yellowy marks should fade once you quit and allow your hands to look cared for and nourished. Instead of covering up nails why not get a natural looking manicure to show off your new talons.

Breath of Fresh Air

It’s an obvious one but quitting smoking will freshen your breath too. No longer will you need to cover up the smell of stale smoke with chewing gum and mints. Plus, quitting will also reduce yellow teeth stains from becoming permanent, leaving your pearly whites looking beautiful.


Smoking is an expensive habit to keep, with an average pack of 20 cigarettes costing nearly £8. If you’re a habitual smoker why not work out how much you smoke a day and calculate your yearly smoking cost. It might be shocking at first to see how much you spend but think about what else you could spend that money on. Whether you put it towards a must have fashion purchase, holiday or into savings, quitting will boost your bank balance.

Indulge your Senses

Just 48 hours after quitting smoking your taste buds and sense of smell will improve. If you’re a foodie then get set for your meals to taste even better. If the lingering smell of smoke on your clothes gets you down then think of how much nicer your clothes will smell and look once you quit.

Reduce your Stress

We could all do with having a little less stress in our lives and quitting smoking is one of the best ways reduce anxiety and stress levels. Cutting out tobacco will give your mental health a lift and reduce your chances of developing depression or anxiety related disorders.

Get Help

Quitting smoking can be tough to do but it’s okay to ask for help. Using electronic cigarettes can help to reduce your tobacco cravings and begin your journey to leading a healthier lifestyle. With a range of flavours available, indulge your taste buds in a tasty treat to cure those cravings!

With an abundance of benefits quitting smoking will not only improve your health but your looks and bank balance too.

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