Buying Electronic Cigarettes In Bulk Is No Longer Difficult In Many Countries

How can I be anything but pleased to announce that buying electronic cigarettes in bulk is no longer a great difficulty in many countries? Until now, many countries were still on the fence about electronic cigarettes, but thanks to the campaign we had at my company, many countries are opening their doors to us and our products.

Importing electronic cigarettes

I still remember one of the first meetings we had. It was with a health inspector from an unnamed Asian country. East Asia is full of smokers, many of whom openly smoke in public. It’s not like here where smoking is banned in public for health reasons. Anyway, even knowing all that, the health inspector was still really wary about opening the doors to buying electronic cigarettes in bulk. Electronic cigarettes are legal in that country, but they could only be bought one package at a time. If you wanted them in bulk, you had to import them, which could be very expensive. Needless to say, few people did that and our sales were low in those areas.

How did we convince this guy to allow buying electronic cigarettes in bulk for his citizens? We presented him with the facts. You see, very little is still understood about electronic cigarettes over there. They treat them like regular cigarettes, when you and I know that is hardly the case. So we showed him the health facts, and how much of a boon it could be to tourism, since Western tourists who are offended by smoking in public wouldn’t be put off by going anymore. Well, that certainly got the guy’s attention. They are really focusing on tourism efforts over there, so any idea that looks to promote it is A-OK with them.

Buying Electronic Cigarettes In Bulk Within The UK

After we cleared that with that country, it was like a sudden domino effect. Next thing we knew, many countries were opening the door to buying electronic cigarettes in bulk. Now our profits are through the roof. Of course, we still offer bulk buying here at home. If you want to buy in bulk, you just have to go to your local big store that carries them in bulk, or order online from a reputable vendor. Soon our products will be all over the world, making it a little bit safer for all. That’s a good dream for us to pursue.

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