In your case or in your face

For those of you who wear glasses, you may have heard the phrase, “on your face or in your case” and arguably, the same is true for ecigs. However, unlike glasses, ecigs have electronic components that need to be taken care of and kept away from other materials to reduce the risk of damage or overheating.

So what are the risks of having your ecig free and easy in your pocket? Well, aside from potentially damaging the casing, your ecig can, under specific conditions, short circuit and overheat. Though this is unlikely to be harmful to yourself, it’s likely the internal workings of the device will be ruined. So, to help you with safety, we have compiled a short guide to overheating and short circuits.

Short Circuits

Here’s the science behind it. Essentially all electricity is subject to Ohms Law; this states in the most basic way possible, that if you have a set voltage and decrease the resistance, the current will increase. But what does this mean for ecigs? Well, electronic cigarette batteries, like all power sources, can only deliver so much current. If a short circuit occurs, which will skip a portion of the circuit therefore decreasing the resistance, this will either cause the battery to fail; or more likely, the current will keep rolling around inside the ecig; overheating it, melting wires, damaging mechanisms and generally being a nuisance.

To avoid this, it’s best to ensure that you do not keep any loose ecig batteries in your pocket with coins, keys or anything metal. This is because when an exposed battery comes into contact with a conductive material, like keys or loose change, it can cause a short circuit. Though this can be avoided by ensuring that your atomiser is attached, thus protecting the battery, it’s still not advised. The best thing you can do is to always ensure that your ecig is properly switched off when you are not using it and properly stored in a case; luckily for you, all Cloudstix electronic cigarette starter kits come with a case as a standard!

This way, you also avoid accidently activating your ecig which could potentially burn out the wick and ruin your e liquid, not to mention your atomiser. So remember! In your case or in your face!

At Cloudstix, we understand that the electronic cigarette industry in the UK is still very much an emerging technology and is growing more and more popular with smokers and ex-smokers every day! If you’d like a bit more information on the devices please feel free to get in touch via our contact page. Alternatively, our complete range of ecigs, e liquids and other accessories can be viewed online! 

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