Celebrity E Cigarette Lovers: Top 3 Male Stars

Smoking, cigarettes and all the associated paraphernalia has had a lot of bad press in recent years and rightly so. The cocktail of chemicals, toxins and smoke inhaled when smoking a traditional cigarette have been linked to a multitude of health issues and premature deaths. Certain types of cancer, arterial issues and respiratory problems are more common than ever these days and this is thought to be a result of fashionable (which quickly becomes chain) smoking.

Of course, the government’s move to reduce packaging, eliminate cigarette marketing and ban public smoking has had a noticeable impact and the initiative did well to make a statement, but people are still buying and smoking traditional cigarettes instead of using the different cessation tools available or opting for safer alternatives like e cigarettes.

Why? Well, it may be that some people see traditional cigarettes as an easier, more familiar or – ridiculous as it may seem – a cooler option. However, more and more people are realising that there’s nothing “cool” about yellow teeth and fingers or smelly, smoky clothes. There’s nothing “cool” about the health issues linked to tobacco smoking either. As for traditional cigarettes being easier than e cigs, the fact of the matter is that e cigs are more cost-effective, easier and safer to use than their traditional counterparts. So how do you tackle the stubborn smokers?

Well, for those who still need a little encouragement and incentive when it comes to putting down and stepping away from a pack of twenty noxious little sticks, how about following in your celebrity idol’s footsteps?

Lots of celebs are making the switch and turning to safer, more attractive e cigs instead of conventional cigarettes. What’s more is that they are (naturally!) doing it in style with super cool, aesthetically pleasing e cig devices.

This post lists the top three male stars who are vaping away on e cigs, both on screen/stage and off. So read on to see what top three stars are leading the e cig generation by example!

John Cusack

Quirky, kooky and talented actor John Cusack is known for his interesting take on leading man roles and now for his triumph over tobacco. A big fan of e cigs in both private and public, Cusack was quoted by Canadian newspaper, Sudbury Star, as saying “I gave up cigarettes about eight years ago, but I like to smoke these in restaurants, just to freak people out”. Ever the joker, he gets a healthier hit and a bit of dinnertime entertainment thanks to his e cig!

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of Hollywood’s favourite leading men, Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to being in the public eye and these days, he is more often than not snapped vaping on an e cigarette. It is fair to say that with a string of tough and edgy roles under his belt, if Leonardo DiCaprio gives e cigarettes the stamp of approval then they’re more than alright for the rest of us mere mortals. Not only are e cigarettes a healthier and safer alternative, but for jet-set DiCaprio, they are a much more practical option. Hollywood’s home state California has had a ban on public smoking for more than two decades and many film destinations in Europe and around the world have their own bans too; luckily DiCaprio doesn’t have to worry about going anywhere thanks to his trusty e cig.

Bruno Mars

Popular crooner Bruno Mars is well known for his top ten hits, their catchy beats and his own cheeky personality. His fans will no doubt be proud that in May 2013 he made a promise to his late mother to quit his nasty habit of smoking. Following his promise he tweeted a picture of him and his new e cig sidekick and has been seen vaping on e juices everywhere ever since. In fact, Mars is so committed to making the switch he is an investor in a US e cig producer. Bravo Bruno – show the world how it’s done!

Actors, musicians and entertainment legends like those listed are a fine example of how and why you should make the switch. They are taking responsibility, not only for their own health, but also for the health of their fans and admirers who may not realise that there are safer smoking alternatives available.

So why not follow their example? Invest in your own e cigarette and e juices, a starter kit and a lifetime of being cigarette-free. Contact the team here at Cloudstix and we will happy to give you more information and advice on finding your very own e cig.

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