Cost-effective electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are slowly taking over the smoking world, there are approximately 2.1million e-cigarette users in the UK this is approximately a quarter of all smokers within the UK. With so many people utilizing electronic cigarettes for the financial benefits, we have written this blog post to guide you on how to make your e-cig a cost-effective alternative to smoking.

The first e-cigarette was invented back in 2003, since then the world has gone crazy for electronic-cigarettes, particularly in the past 5 years; in 2013 alone there was a 340% increase in the sales of electronic cigarettes in the UK. E-cigarettes offer a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking.

Why are E-Cigarettes more cost-effective than conventional smoking?

Electronic-cigarettes require minimal investment, the first investment that has to be made is in the electronic cigarette itself. Even top of the range electronic-cigarettes offer a reasonable price tag compared to conventional smoking. Once you have invested in an e-cig, you will need to invest in some e-liquid and you are ready to go. After your original investment you will only need to fork out for e-liquid and the occasional replacement part to ensure your e-cig continues to work to the best of its ability.

There are multiple reasons why e-cigarettes are cheaper than conventional tobacco products:

  • A 10ml bottle of e-liquid typically lasts a moderate smoker between 1-2 weeks
  • Your original investment in your e-cig is unlikely to cost more than the price it costs to smoke conventional cigarettes for a week.
  • Although you occasionally need to replace parts on your e-cig, these replacement parts typically cost less than a pack of cigarettes.

With such savings to be made, we are not surprised that over 2 million people have invested in electronic-cigarettes.

How to ensure your e-cigarette continues to be a cost-effective solution.

To ensure you continue to reap the financial rewards of your electronic-cigarette it is important to take care of your e-cig. We have listed ways to ensure your e-cigarette continues to work to the best of its ability:

  • Do not overfill your e-cigarette with e-liquid, this can cause leaks which will result in a mouthful of e-liquid (not very nice!) or liquid leaking on to the battery and we all know batteries and liquid don’t go great together. To prevent over filling do not fill past the printed indicator.
  • When you have refilled your e-cig make sure you do not over-tighten when putting it back together, make sure it is tightened till snug.
  • Make sure you Refill your electronic-cigarette before it is completely out of liquid. Otherwise you may find you will need to replace the wicks.
  • Do not expose your electronic cigarette to extreme temperatures and do not leave your e-cig in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid mixing e-liquids
  • Make sure your electronic-cigarette is kept clean including threads and mouth piece.
  • Replace parts when necessary, do not leave it till the last minute.
  • Avoid un-necessary charging as this can affect the battery life.

With a reasonable level of care an e-cigarette will result in a cheaper alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. With considerable savings to be made, check out Cloudstix selection of E-cigs. We offer a range of electronic cigarettes and e-cig parts ranging from starter kits to replacement accessories. Cloudstix is a popular supplier of e-cigarettes and e-cig accessories.

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