Dr Carbrera’s Views On E-Cigarettes

Amidst the confusion and negative talk of electronic cigarettes is one physician who while supporting the ban also wants people to be aware of the benefits that they have. Dr Felix Carbrera, an internal medicine physician said, “my concern is that you have in the media two, almost back to back, negatives or I shouldn’t say negatives, but control measures for vaping, but at the same time I wanted to make sure that we did not lost sight of the potential benefit of such a means of smoking cessation.”

He goes on to say how he’s seen a powerful difference within his very own patients as well as his close friends and family members. “It’s been remarkable the change that they’ve made” he said.

Though it is true that studies still need to be conducted and re-evaluated as to the effects of e-cigarettes on the body and long-term potential causes, Dr Carbrera states that the total “number of chemicals in electronic cigarettes are minimal” in comparison to the over 4,000 found in traditional cigarettes, 50 of which are known to be carcinogens.

“You’ve got arsenic, you’ve got ammonia, you’ve got formaldehyde and you’ve got carbon monoxide. Now these are just the toxic ingredients and they’re not necessarily the carcinogens. Carcinogens being that they cause cancer.”

“In e-cigarettes, mostly what you have, aside from the nicotine itself, are the chemicals that cause the vapours in itself and the smoke that gives the mental feedback that you’re actually smoking and polyethylene glycol is one of them there. It helps to aerosolise the component.”

Dr Carbrera is also quick to note that the harmful effects that are associated with polyethylene glycol are minimal, especially when placed in comparison to the damage that cigarette smoke causes.

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