E Cig Summer Fest: Our Top Picks

The summer is in full swing and like most people we couldn’t be more excited. The prospect of days at the beach, barbecues for dinner every night and waking up to blue skies and sunshine is part of the reason so many of us love the warmer months, but there is something else that arrives with and defines the summer: festivals.

Glastonbury and many of its contemporaries have been and gone already, but there are still plenty of local and big league festivals ahead in the coming months. What does this mean for vapers though?

Well despite being a safer, cleaner and more sociable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is still a big grey area surrounding electronic cigarettes and where they are welcome in public.

Of course, each festival will have its own set of rules regarding the use of e cigs and it pays to ask your chosen festival’s stance on vaping before you show up. Some may argue that you need to turn up at the gig footloose e cig free whilst other may say it is ok to vape away. The only way to know for sure is to check first.

Regardless of whether you end up rocking out at a Glasto-style gig or chilling out in a balmy beer garden, you will have plenty of opportunity to make the most of both the festival and the vaping scenes the summer.

In honour of this we have put together a quick list of our favourite festival-themed e cig items, specifically festival-friendly e cig holders.  Festivals require clever ideas and quick fixes when it comes to stashing and stowing your belongings. This is particularly the case when it comes to sensitive and electrical items like phones, mp3 players and e cigarettes. As fancy as e cig kits and cases are, they don’t always fit the festival vibe. That’s ok though, because there are some wonderful festival-friendly accessories out there.

Read on to see our top five choices (courtesy of Etsy and Pinterest).

  1. The Medicine Bag Pouch                                                                                                                              This wonderful, rustic style holder is practical and it will look great with fringed bags, floppy hats, wellie boots and the like.
  2. The Henna Leather E Cig Holster                                                                                                                                     If you’d prefer to keep your e cig on your belt instead of round your neck then this holster is a robust and attractive balance of hipster style and sophisticated workmanship.
  3. The Crocheted E Cig Lanyard and Holder                                                                                                        Crochet is big news in the summer, not only because it has a fun Americana vibe about it, but because it can be used for anything – including an e cig holding lanyard! These look like they belong at any kind of festival and they are super practical.
  4. The Festival-Friendly Wrist Lanyard                                                                                                Bracelets are a popular item at festivals and the more hipster, the better. This braided and beaded bracelet is actually a wrist lanyard for your e cig; so you will keep your e cig safe and look the part!
  5. The Crocheted E Cig Holding Bookmark                                                                                                 Even if your festival of choice is of the culture or drama variety, you can still channel the right vibe in a vape-friendly way. This wonderful crocheted bookmark is also an e cig holder – multipurpose on all sorts of levels!

So there you have our top five picks for festival-friendly e cig holders. Of course, your choice of holder will depend on the type of festival you’re attending as well as your own personal style and preferences.

Whatever you do with your summer though and however you choose to keep your e cig safe, make sure you make the most of being able to vape away these warmer months!

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