E-cig vapour about as toxic as human breath

When it comes to the main urban centres of our country, namely London, Birmingham and Manchester, it is safe to say that the air is probably less than clean given all the traffic and pollution that comes with big cities. Arguably this is compounded by the addition of cigarette smoke which is thought to contain up to 4,000 toxic elements.

However, given the recent advent of electronic cigarettes which vaporise E liquid to produce vapour rather than smoke, studies have been done to compare them to more traditional tobacco products in the interest of public health. However, though not directly relating to e-cigs a study published in 2011 sought to reveal the toxicity of human breath. How does this relate to vaping? Well compounds found in normal human exhalation have also been found in e-cig vapour.

In short;

  • 5 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) observed in various e-cig studies have also been found in human breath, mainly acetaldehyde, acetone, butanone, formaldehyde and isoprene. What’s more is several other VOCs, (Acetaldehyde, Benzene, Formaldehyde, m p-Xylene, and Toluene) were found in 3 locations in a built up urban area (Los Angeles).
  • A number of metals which have been cited in some studies, notably this one in the US, have also been found in the air of built up urban areas. These metals include aluminium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sulphur

So what does this mean for vapers and those who are seeking to over-regulate e-cigarettes?

Though the tests undertaken in e-cig studies and the human breath study above may differ, the evidence suggests that a number of the contaminants found in e-cig studies can be attributed, at least in part, to naturally occurring compounds in the human body or to already established pollutants in the air. What’s more, it adds weight to the growing body of evidence which shows that second hand vapour is completely harmless to others and that any and all toxins that may be found in e-cig vapour are well within recommended limits.

Sadly, in our modern age, hardly any of the air that we breathe can be described as pure. However, just because it has a few harmful elements to it, doesn’t mean that it is unsafe to breathe. Therefore, those who argue that they are trying to ban e-cigs in public places because of toxicity fears are doing so on, at best, inaccurate information and at worst, personal bias and prejudices.

It is widely accepted by the vaping community and a growing number of medical professionals, that e-cigs are much safer than traditional tobacco products.

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