E-Cigarette Etiquette at Work


When it comes to electronic cigarettes, it’s important to realise that not everyone you come across will fully understand the reason you switched and may find it offensive for you to vape near them. Like smoking, there is a lot of controversy surrounding these devices and it’s vital that you’re unbiased towards others views, even if you don’t agree with them yourself.


At work, you’re bound to come across someone who doesn’t agree with the product, and it’s important that you remain fair and take their thoughts into consideration before blowing a cloud and remarking that you couldn’t care less. In this post, we will be taking a look at vaping etiquette in the office.


Be Respectful


We all know how irritating it can be for someone to share his or her views when they’re not needed but keeping a cool head may just help you with this one. Being respectful, listening to what others have to say and disagreeing in a polite manner could help your chances of convincing them that actually, these products are safer and they may just surprise you.


Being respectful can also dictate how you vape. As an example, you don’t want to keep blowing the vapour in someone’s direction, especially if they’re not fond of the idea of you vaping inside as it is. Instead, you should try your best to vape in a direction where it won’t get in anyone’s face; it may be worth putting your hand over your mouth when you vape. In addition, it can also mean how you top up your e-cig. E liquid can often be a bit messy and people usually don’t like their things being ruined so it may be worth topping up your electronic cigarette over a sink or where it won’t get on anyone’s belongings.


If in doubt, take it outside


Part of being respectful is knowing when to stop and if you’re unsure whether or not members of your team are okay with you vaping around them, it may be worth either discussing it with your manager or team mates or taking it outside. Now, I know part of the benefit of vaping is the indoor advantage they have on cigarettes but it’s still important to respect other people’s wishes and if they don’t like it, it’s not the time to say tough and carry on. By taking it outside, it may also help to change people’s views on the vaping community; something that we all want for the products and the community.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask


Related to the point above, if you’re unsure whether you should be vaping inside or whether your manager or team mates are happy with you vaping inside, just ask. Chances are, they will be more respectful over your choices if you make the effort to take into consideration their thoughts and feelings. If they say yes, that’s great and don’t forget to say thank you! If not, understand why and take it outside instead.


These are just 3 ways you can master vaping etiquette.


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