Could E-Cigs be the answer?

A handful of health specialists have recently taken a stand and have pressed that the World Health Organisation not “control and suppress” electronic cigarettes, according to The Telegraph.

A letter, which bore around 53 signatures from specialists and researchers including health expert Professor Robert West claimed, “e-cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives.”

Experts who signed the letter urged the WHO to resist from introducing new regulations that restrict their usage and treat them in the same way as traditional cigarettes. The organisation are said to be set on releasing recommendations regarding the devices to governments later on this year.

The letter stated, “These products could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century – perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives.”

“If regulators treat low-risk nicotine products as traditional tobacco products… they are improperly defining them as part of the problem. Regulators should avoid support for measures that could have the perverse effect of prolonging cigarette consumption.”

Amidst those who decided to show their support for the devices are specialists who previously advised the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on its current guidelines outlining diminishing the harm caused by tobacco.

They soon released a letter stating that they had seen a “leaked document” from the WHO “which labelled the e-cigarettes as a threat.”

As many as six experts who signed the letter have made the efforts to carry out research (funded by the industry) while another four have looked into the matter for companies that specialise in smoking cessation tools and products.

A spokesman for WHO claimed, “WHO is currently working on recommendations for governments on the regulation and marketing of e-cigarettes and similar devices. This is part of a paper that will be submitted to the parties of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control later this year.”

“We are also working with national regulatory bodies to look at regulatory options, as well as toxicology experts, to understand more about the possible impact of e-cigarettes and similar devices on health.”

Recent research conducted by Mr West, however, revealed that these devices can “help improve the success rate of people trying to quit smoking by 60% compared to nicotine patches and gum” though critics continue to argue that we need to know more about e-cigarettes.

The Department of Health stated that “e-cigarettes are not risk free” and a report for Public Health England claimed that the devices need regulation as well as careful monitoring.

While the devices are currently not regulated in the UK as medicinal products, the MHRA are keen to introduce controls by the year of 2016.

How do you feel about the current situation with e-cigarettes? Do you agree that they need more research and until then, should be regulated and closely monitored or do you believe in people’s right to vape with a certain degree of control?

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