Why E-Cigs are great for Smokers at University

University is an exciting time for any individual; not only is it a chance to study your favourite subjects and gain a degree, you’re thrust into a world of sociability and above all, an amazing experience. So, where does vaping fit in with all this? Well, as university students are over 18, they can legally purchase their own cigarettes as and when, which adds to the issue of young adults smoking. In today’s blog post, we will be taking a look at why e-cigs are great for smokers at university!

Freedom to Vape

Many places do still permit vaping in the UK and this is fantastic for vapers at university as it means they aren’t forced into the cold alone to get their nicotine hit. In addition, it also means that they can have a quick few puffs before popping it away ready for the next time you need a hit; this means that you don’t feel like you’ve ‘wasted’ a cigarette because you wanted to get back inside to meet up with your friends, this makes them a lot more sociable than cigarettes too!

Eliquid Variety

There are lots of flavours that can match your Monday morning moods or Friday evening thoughts like Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino flavoured eliquid. As for fruits, we have a wide range of fruity flavours including Apple, Banana and Raspberry to top off your summer and prepare you for the cold harsh winds of winter that lie ahead.

A Healthier Alternative

They say that the longer you smoke, the harder it is to pack it in but with e-cigs you don’t need to compromise your nicotine hit and enjoyment to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not only are they safer as they don’t contain the 4,000+ chemicals found in tobacco smoke, it’s likely that you’ll see an improvement in your overall fitness levels with the absence of tar and harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide.


University is an expensive venture, even more so with the prices of tobacco stacked up against you. E-cigarettes are very much a cost-effective solution that will save you quite a lot of money, so you have at least a few pounds for a rainy day. Our eliquids are reasonably priced and the overall vaping experience is low-cost making it ideal for students who are a bit strapped for cash.

These are just 4 reasons why e-cigs are fantastic for university students; do you have any more benefits that you’d like to add to the list? Also, if you are looking on making the switch to a healthier alternative, Cloudstix has a wide range of electronic cigarette starter kits and eliquids on offer, all of which can be viewed and purchased through our website!

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