Why are E-cig’s all the rage?

A clever case of marketing magic or the upsurge of a generation of smokers seeking salvation? Whatever the case, electronic cigarettes are the sticks on everybody’s lips. The colossal shift from conventional to electronic cigarettes has sparked a social and cultural change in the way which we perceive the act of smoking.

The lure of smoking has always stemmed from media outlets, for example like how a movie would capture an alluring character puffing on cigarette right before opening to dialog. This sort of subliminal messaging has been going on for years and thus spawning generations of addicted smokers.

With health seen as a high priority within a number of developed countries, businesses across the globe are trying to find ways in which to capitalise upon our newly founded health obsession. Electronic cigarettes are a product that floats somewhere in the middle. Being a healthier alternative to generic cigarettes but still, managing to fulfil all the inherent needs of the user. Striking that balance would’ve no doubt been key in attracting ex-smokers to subscribe to this new trend.

Following the crackdown of smoking in public spaces; clamping of advertisement and general anti-smoke campaigning, the desirability of smoking (one assumes) would’ve have fallen as a result. Tobacco companies would’ve caught a whiff of the government’s potent plan to isolate the problem of smoking. The E-cig was the tobacco companies’ answer.

The E-cig completely opened up an entirely new market in the industry allowing for a lot more user choice – flavours, designs and materials are all up for the taking thanks to the interchangeable nature of the electronic cigarette.

Though a little sluggish from the get go, e-cigs have now obtained a firm foothold. Seemingly wafting into every corner of popular culture, it looks like the e-cig is here to stay.

Though many debate the health benefits of e-cigs, their overwhelming popularity eclipses ten-fold. Celebrities including the likes of Snoop Dogg and Leonardo Dicaprio have both been associated with them, giving them a nod of Hollywood approval. According to stats featured in a  Telegraph article there are approximately 1.3 million e-cigarette users in the UK and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

The social attitude towards public smoking has also begun to sway, going from complete objection to moderate tolerance. Polls conducted by ITV found that when people were asked whether it was socially acceptable to regularly use an e-cigarette in public, 48 per cent agreed it was; 33 per cent did not and 19 per cent were unsure. However, 45 per cent disagreed that e-cigarettes should be allowed in public, indoor places.

From an economic standpoint, electronic cigarettes sales have shot through the roof and when compared to the sales of nicotine patches, gums and lozenges the e-cig is miles ahead. Sales totalled £193 million last year (up from £44 million in 2012).

And like its predecessor the electronic cigarette has been propelled to the level of social norm. Here at Cloudstix, we have a wide range of e-cigs, eliquid and other vaping accessories! Browse our complete range online, or for more information, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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