E-Cigs: Republic of Ireland

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, many are torn between whether or not they should be regulated or ultimately banned. Despite the negative inputs of health officials on these devices, a lot of the general public and even a few health professionals agree that e-cigarettes can provide a successful substitute for smokers in the form of a healthier, safer alternative. There have been quite a few studies highlighting the health and general benefits of these devices and what they can offer the public, but many parts of Great Britain have taken the step to ban them, either indoors or completely. The Republic of Ireland is just one of the latest countries to come to a final decision.


The ban on electronic cigarettes in major health facilities will be introduced on the 1st May 2014. Reportedly, the regulation on these products was a result of the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) review on the overall safety of the devices and what impact they will have on the authority’s current smoke-free policy in these health facilities.


At the moment, e-cigs are unregulated in the Republic of Ireland and according to the BBC they are currently not covered by the enforced ban on the use of traditional tobacco-based products in the workplace. The HSE commented saying it could only endorse “safe and effective products” and strategies to help people kick the habit. In addition, the HSE said it was “concerned that because the devices are similar to ordinary cigarettes, their use may promote smoking and make it harder for smokers to quit.”


Finally, the HSE concluded by saying that there is currently no “conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes are safe for long-term use or are effective in helping people to stop smoking.”


Of course, the country is entitled to its own decision on the regulation of electronic cigarettes however, something to consider is a study published in The Lancet that suggests these products are “modestly effective in helping smokers to quit, with similar achievement of abstinence as with nicotine patches and few adverse effects.”


Another study quoted that “findings suggest that e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking-cessation method and that they are worthy of further study using more-rigorous research designs.” Although both papers admit that more research needs to be done into the matter, it does bring about the question of ‘can the devices be used as a smoking cessation tool?’


Here at Cloudstix, we recognise that these devices are not a licensed smoking cessation tool however, we do support the findings of studies and papers that look into the use, safety and effectiveness of these devices. If you are looking to substitute your smoking habits for a healthier, safer alternative but you’re unsure how to use these devices or need a bit more information on our electronic cigarette starter kits, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team today. We would be happy to take your call.


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