An E Juice For Every Occasion: World Cup 2014 Group A

June 2014 will see the world have its eyes glued on Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. Hordes of people are expected to trek to South America’s largest country to bask in national pride and show support for their favourite team. What about those of us staying at home though? Other than heartily yelling chants at the television or donning our lucky football shirts, how can we get in the World Cup spirit? Well as vapers, one way we can do it is to choose our e juices wisely between June 12th and July 13th. All the countries competing in the World Cup are interesting and worth getting to know better, plus there’s an e liquid to match every team of every group. For now, let’s start off with Group A:

Group A

1.       Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world. Originally home to tribal nations, Brazil was claimed for Portugal in 1500 by explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral. Even today, surrounded by Spanish-speaking countries, Brazil retains its Portuguese language and cultural heritage. As well as a rich history, the country has a vast, varied and impressive landscape with mountains, beaches and even the majestic Amazon rainforest.

Now, finding a flavour that encapsulates all things Brazil means looking at the kind of flavours the country already offers. Popular foods like cocoa and cashews, as well as tasty tropical fruits like mango, papaya and pineapple all come from Brazil. However, it is coffee which is Brazil’s national beverage and rightly so as the country produces around a third of the world’s coffee.

The best e juice for coffee-crazy Brazil? Cappuccino

2.       Croatia

Croatia sits slap bang in the middle of three continental regions; the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Thanks to its geographic position it enjoys a balmy continental-Mediterranean climate and a richly diverse culture. With ancient roots and evident influences from a mixture of history’s most important societies, Croatia is steeped in both history and culture. Economically its primary focus is the service sector, followed closely by the industrial and agricultural sectors. The country even boasts a beautiful mixture of countryside, mountains and stunning coastline thanks to its climate and Adriatic Sea border.

With so many different influences on culture and cuisine it is difficult to pin down one flavour that represents Croatia. The tastes are predominantly Mediterranean with wine and seafood being the favourites and the national drink is a plum and pear liqueur called Rakia.

So what e juice flavour best represents liqueur-loving Croatia? Pear Drops

3.       Mexico

The gateway between North and South America, Mexico connects both halves of the continent and sits between some of the world’s bluest bodies of water; the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Though a small country, Mexico is packed full of natural beauty from mountain ranges and volcanoes to forests, beaches and impressive water ways. As far as the international arena is concerned the country is the world’s largest producer of silver and it has an internationally renowned cuisine. Most Mexican dishes are vibrant, flavoursome and a firm favourite the world over with fajitas, burritos and tacos being amongst the most popular.

Aside from the specific dishes, Mexico offers the world an array of tasty, exotic foods including: chocolate, avocado, tomato, chillies, guava, zucchini (courgette) and vanilla – a spice grown only in Mexico.

With so many fantastic flavours, what one best fits Mexico? Vanilla

  1. Cameroon

Often referred to as “Africa in miniature”, Cameroon is a country in Middle Africa. Though small in comparison to the rest of the continent, Cameroon is incredibly diverse geologically and culturally with tribal heritage and a variety of natural features including beaches, mountains, rainforests, deserts and savannahs. Due to its diverse landscape and warm climate the country has several main outputs, ranging from foodstuffs and tobacco to oil palms and rubber.

The main crops and flavours found in the country include cocoa, bananas, coffee, tea and sugar. These crops are all familiar features in our diets as well as diets around the world but being able to produce so many in the one region is something Cameroon is proud of.

But which e liquid best captures the taste of Cameroon? Chocolate Banana

So there you have it – there’s an e juice for every occasion, even the 2014 World Cup! Keep an eye on our posts as we will be telling you how to support teams from Groups B – H just by using an apt e liquid! Game on!

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