Top 5 Common Mistakes People Make With E Liquid and E Cigs

What mistakes are you making with your e liquid?

We wanted to write a blog post to help people who are new to e liquid, e cigs and vaping to try and explain why certain things happen and common mistakes that cause faults. So without further ado please see the top 5 common mistakes that people make when using e liquid and e cigs.

      1. The biggest mistake that we come across is people overfilling their Atomizers / tanks and drowning the heating element that creates the vapour. If your tank has measurements written on then do not fill your tank above the top measurement. If you don’t follow this tip then you will almost certainly flood the inner chamber of your atomizer which will leak onto your battery and stop your e cig from working.
      2. The second biggest mistake we see all of the time is people not reading instructions or listening to the demonstration given in our high street stores. Although such a simple device to operate, the e cig can be quite technical when first starting. Failure to read/follow the instructions given to you could cause you to damage your device and for it to fail. For the sake of just a few minutes of your time take a moment to make sure you know exactly what your doing before embarking on your first vaping experience. This is also important when buying a new atomizer that you have never used before. Not all atomizers work the same way and we highly advise doing your homework before doing harm to your new piece of hardware.
      3. Expecting too much from your atomizer. We see / hear people all the time that tell us they have had their atomizer for many weeks and they cannot understand why it has burned out so quickly. Your atomizers lifespan will depend heavily on your own vaping habit. If you are constantly vaping and using the atomizer then you can expect it to burn out or break much quicker than somebody who only uses it a few times a day when they have a strong urge for Nicotine. At the end of the day an atomizer is a consumable burning product and is never going to last for a long time. We find that an average atomizer will last at its peak for around 3 – 6 weeks before it needs changing. If you use yours constantly and are a heavy vaper then you can expect this lifespan to be shortened drastically. We find the happiest of vapers are the one’s that have accepted this and embrace it, after all the cost of a new atomizer is nothing compared to a pack of cigarettes.
      4. Never, ever, ever buy cheap e liquid from a Vendor you have never heard about. The E Liquid that you buy will determine how good your vaping experience is, should you decide to pick up a bottle of E Liquid on the cheap either online or from a high street / market stall vendor then you maybe running the risk of a bad vaping experience or worse your own health. There are already certain regulations that vendors in the UK must abide by and  you will find most of the companies selling great e liquid do this.  Some tell tale signs that a company are trying their best to give you a quality product are those that have strict warning labels on the packaging, those that have child safety caps on the bottles and those that are sealed and there is no way the bottle can be tampered with. We have all heard horror stories of vendors watering down e liquid or using third party agents to thicken the consistency, do not fall victim to this and only buy your products from a vendor you know and trust. Never be afraid to ask your vendor the ingredients of an e liquid and if you sense anything a miss then just say no to the purchase and walk away.
      5. Failing to activate your batteries after charging for the first time. Although it should have been clearly stated in your instructions or in-store demonstration some people totally forget / skip this part of the process. Most modern e cigarette batteries have an on / off system that lets you activate and deactivate the battery when in use and when storing. Before you contact your electronic cigarette vendor please check that you have activated the battery by rapidly clicking the button 5 times. You will know that you have been successful as the light will either flash or it shall engage on your 5 time of pressing the button. This is a handy safety feature, especially when your e cigarette is left around children. Always turn your e cig off when you are not using it by repeating the 5 click process.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the top 5 common mistakes that people make when first starting on an electronic cigarette. Please feel free to share and comment about this post.

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