Electronic Cigarettes – Nathan’s Story

Electronic Cigarettes

With the sudden rise of the electronic cigarettes and a supposed lack of research surrounding common health concerns, health experts and officials alike are still arguing against these products by criticising it for its ability to normalise smoking again. However, advocates of the electronic cigarette are fighting their case; the question is, which side are you on?

With media attention rising, there are a fair few who are still fighting for their right to vape and are willing to share their stories to prove it. Nathan Friedland recently wrote an article in the Montreal gazette highlighting the impact that the device has had on not only his life, but his family’s lives as well.

In the article he mentions that he is a nurse and that his wife used to be a smoker. He said, “It has been a month since my wife switched to electronic cigarettes and the effects have been, no pun intended, breath-taking”. Like Nathan’s story, many others who have switched to electronic cigarettes have reported physical benefits of electronic cigarettes such as Paul Beauregard who also wrote a letter to the Montreal gazette. If you’d like to read more about Paul’s story, please click here.

Back to Nathan’s story, he comments on how he is no longer afraid that his wife will end up in the emergency room “so she can receive oxygen therapy and an electrocardiogram because of chest pain and an incessant cough”. He also reports how since she switched to electronic cigarettes, these symptoms have stopped completely. Nathan goes on to say how he is no longer afraid that he will return to a burnt down home due to a cigarette not being put out if his wife falls asleep.

He quoted, “She looks younger, she feels better, she breathes better at night while sleeping and that awful smell of smoke in her hair is gone”. He goes on to mention how although his wife chose to smoke outside with traditional cigarettes, cigarette smoke would occasionally float towards their daughter “causing many fights of epic proportions, nearly leading to divorce”.

Nathan added, “In my case I truly believe electronic cigarettes saved my wife, my marriage and have altered the future for us all. I’m sure I am not the only one.”

On a final note, Nathan mentioned how he feels that the arguments going against the use of electronic cigarettes are valid. He said, “Children might think of them as ‘cool’ which could encourage them to take up real cigarettes and nicotine certainly isn’t great for the human body either, but these negatives seem trivial when compared with stopping an epidemic and saving lives.”

Like many others, Nathan’s story is inspirational and his viewpoint on the use of electronic cigarettes is both honest and mutual. If you have an e-cig story that you’d like to share, please do not hesitate to email us here at admin@cloudstix.com or if you’re interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit and would like to know more, give us a call on 0845 257 6543.

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