Why Electronic cigarettes need to be advertised on television

With the government on full scale tobacco alert, the press for all things tobacco-based has been negative to say the least. The arrival of electronic cigarettes into the market has brought about a number positive and less publicised benefits. By addressing these benefits we therefore establish a much clearer picture of and give consumers a less bias interpretation of current situation.

When it comes to health issues, we are usually bombarded with nonsensical jargon or completely left in the dark. This sort of filtering of information is no way to operate, as you run risk of propagandising the whole issue. Electronic cigarettes have been given a rough ride arguably they should be advertised.

The health benefits

Comparatively speaking, electronic cigarettes are a lot less harmful to the body compared to conventional cigarettes. Tobacco-laced cigarettes contain a slew of other harmful chemicals; E-cigs on the other hand act more as nicotine inhaler which is proven to be an effective craving killer and beneficial in quitting altogether. With a number of tobacco cigarettes known to contain around 4000 different chemicals is a much safer alternative too. It is this kind of factual information that should be readily available on our screens especially if you don’t have access to the internet.

The social benefits

It’s no secret that many people find the smell of cigarette smoke off putting, even regular smokers would agree. The social ramifications of smoking nowadays are starting to stack up; with the government imposing more and more restrictions upon where smokers can light up, the impacts are realer than ever. E-cigarettes however, do away with the stagnant odour and social stigma attached to smoking in general. Electronic cigarettes fulfil the needs of both parties, alleviating the user’s cravings all the while remaining non-intrusive in action.

The economic benefits

As much as the government condemns tobacco firms, the underlying fact still remains – they generate a lot of revenue for the government through taxation. Following the decline of conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have stepped in to fill the profitable pitfall. This may seem like a shrewd move, but economically it makes sense. Consumers also stand to save a “pretty packet” as it’s a much cheaper alternative to tobacco.

Final thoughts

By advertising cigarettes in a more authentic and less disingenuous way, consumers will be able to make more of an informed decision as to how they approaching smoking in general. Electronic cigarettes like nicotine patches should be advertised on television, in a way which highlights the facts and not the fiction.

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