Exactly What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes these day. This is because they allow the user the sensation of smoking without really producing any smoke. This reduces the possibility of second-hand smoke, offensive odors, and even the consumption of some dangerous chemicals found in regular tobacco.

Exactly What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

These are electronic vapor inhalers which give the user the sensation of smoking without actually producing any smoke. The device vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol, and this vapor is inhaled. The device mimics the look and feel of a traditional smoke by its shape, the sensation of puffing, and even the release of nicotine in the vapor.

Typical e-cigarettes contain today contain three basic parts. The mouthpiece contains a cartridge that contains the liquid which will be vaporized. The other end contains a rechargeable battery which powers the device. The third part is the atomizer, and this actually vaporizes the e liquid before it enters a user’s mouth.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes Good For?

Proponents of these new devices mention a number of benefits over smoking the old fashioned way. They may be safer, less annoying to non-smokers, and be used in places where smoking is not allowed.

When a smoker inhales, he consumers nicotine. But there are also plenty of other toxic chemicals found in nicotine, including tar. A vaporizer does include nicotine, but not the rest of the chemicals.

Most non-smokers can generally spot smokers by the distinctive odor on their clothes and in their hair. These vapor devices are practically odorless, and this is a big advantage. Vapor users can enjoy a few puffs without alerting everybody around them.

The vapor contains nicotine, and a nicotine addiction is the primary reason that most smokers do not kick the habit. But the vapor can be produced without all of the other dangerous chemicals that are inhaled when smoking traditional tobacco.

Many areas are now marked off-limits for smokers these days. This includes public transportation, restaurants without smoking areas, and office buildings. Since e-cigarettes do not actually produce smoke, they can be used in most non-smoking areas.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes Other Benefits?

Over time, it may be much cheaper to use vapor devices than traditional cigarettes. They can be recharged and refilled with inexpensive cartridges. They may also provide smokers with a way to taper off their nicotine addiction by using cartridges with gradually diminishing amounts of nicotine.

If you are interested in trying electronic cigarettes, you can purchase an inexpensive starter kit which will contain everything you need to get started.

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