Famous E Cigarette Fans: Top 3 Female Stars

If you have been even slightly aware of news and current affairs in recent years, you are likely to have heard the plethora of bad press surrounding smoking, and in particular smoking cigarettes. There have been major health scares and countless studies conducted to prove that inhaling (either directly or passively) the cocktail of chemicals, toxins and smoke from traditional cigarettes damages your health, hastens and worsens conditions and even results in premature deaths. There has been no end of links found between smoking cigarettes and suffering from certain types of cancer, arterial issues and respiratory problems.

The government has done well to take a stand against smoking by implementing a smoking ban, prohibiting cigarette marketing and reducing the packaging and branding on all cigarette packets and products. Whilst these moves have made a statement and had a significant impact, they have not solved the UK’s problem of smoking and smoke related health issues. Despite graphic examples, frequent warnings and initiatives to prevent the negative effects of smoking, people are still buying and smoking their packs-of-twenty each day. Some continue to smoke traditional cigarettes because they feel it is ‘fashionable’, ‘cool’ or ‘easier’ than opting for safer and healthier options like smoke cessation tools and e cigarettes. This argument does not ring true though.

E cigarettes are not appealing just because of the range of tasty e liquids available with them; they are easier and cleaner to use than traditional cigarettes or roll-ups. They are also more cost effective, healthier and safer in the long run, not to mention more social thanks to the water vapour which – unlike cigarette smoke – does not leave skin, teeth and clothes smelly, smoky and stained. With so many benefits to be had from making the switch and throwing the conventional cigarettes away, it seems something more is needed to convince the more stubborn smokers to put down the packet and lock away the lighter.

What kind of encouragement do they need then? Well one incentive for making the switch (if health, financial and practical benefits aren’t enough…) is the fact that some of the world’s biggest and brightest stars are e cig fans – and proud of it! So if it is good enough for red carpet regulars, the mere mortals amongst us should be lining up for our fair share of e cigs and e juices.

Here is a quick list of the top three female A-listers who are showing some love for e cigarettes, leading everyone by fine example!

Katherine Heigl

Rom-com sweetheart Katherine Heigl is not the first person you’d associate with bad habits and addictions, but she was once a cigarette smoker extraordinaire. Now though, she is an inspiration for all those who want to make the switch to e cigarettes. Rarely spotted or snapped without an e cig to hand, Heigl is most definitely making the most of the trendy device designs and tasty e liquid flavours whether on set, at a ‘do’ or out and about.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is known for her fun and flirty pop tunes and her quirky personality, but not so much for being a yellow-toothed, smoky-scented chain smoker…and why is that? Well, it’s because of her clever switch to e cigarettes. Though not often snapped with her e cig, the pop megastar is a fan of the devices and her technique as demonstrated in the one paparazzi picture that does feature her vaping suggests she is a bit of a pro. So if it is good enough for the California Gurl, there’s no reason the rest of us can’t follow suit.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

As a screen siren, Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the biggest and classiest names in Hollywood. In recent years though, much of the press surrounding her and her family has centred on her husband’s difficult battle with throat cancer. Whether this prompted Zeta-Jones to put down the packs-of-twenty and enjoy the healthier world of e cigs, or whether there was another motivation, the beauty has taking to vaping like a duck to water. What’s more is that she makes the smoking alternative look sophisticated, elegant and a special kind of Hollywood glamorous. No wonder she is rarely caught without it!


There you go then; three of the showbiz world’s most beautiful and beloved women and each one is a well-known e cig advocate. Now, if you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to walk to red carpet or star next to Hollywood’s hottest leading men, then you can rest assured that the stars are more like us than you think. So follow in their footsteps and get in touch with the team here at Cloudstix for advice, information and all sorts of e cig and e juice paraphernalia.

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