A Few Of Our Favourite Models, Accessories and E-Liquids

Here at Cloudstix, we offer our customers only the best in electronic cigarette accessories, e liquid and single and double starter kits at the most affordable price. As a result, we have taken the courtesy to compile a list of just a few of our handpicked products that we’d like to introduce you to a selection of our single starter kits, a few e-liquid flavours and the accessories available from our site.

Single Starter Kits

Single Kanger EVOD Starter Kit

The Single Kanger EVOD Starter Kit is ideal for those making the first time switch to electronic cigarettes. Coming in a variety of colours for the battery and overall device including green, pink, blue and purple, this starter kit is perfect for novice vapers as it is fortified with a metal casing that allows users to monitor their liquid content while storing 1.6ml of e-liquid.

In addition, this starter kit supports first time users by enabling vapers to swap the atomiser whilst the e-liquid is still in the tank meaning that you can keep it aside for rainy days. Also, the device is customised with a secure mouthpiece that cannot be removed in order to ensure maximum protection against leakages, breakages and loss of liquid.

This kit comes fully prepared with 650 mAH batteries, one electronic cigarette, one replaceable atomiser head, one USB charger and as a cheeky addition courtesy of Cloudstix, one free 10ml bottle of eliquid straight from our popular blue sky range.

Single CE4 Starter Kit

Like the above, the Single CE4 Starter Kit allows users to customise their device through a broad choice of battery colours and even an additional carry case for a small extra fee; available in white, red, blue and black.

Designed with novice and experienced vapers in mind, this particular starter kit is more than just a pretty little face; it can hold up to 1.6ml of e liquid and is easily refillable with simple side drip technology. In addition, for those desiring a stronger throat hit, this device is equipped with a double burning wick meaning that it can provide a truly marvellous vaping experience.

The devices sleek and trendy appearance is designed to suit all vapers and focuses on significantly reducing the potential of leakages or breakages. The atomiser provided with this product will ideally last up to 6 weeks before it is due a switch meaning that you have a month or two of blissful vaping.

Combined with advanced e-cigarette technology and a pleasing design, this electronic cigarette is an all-round favourite for our fellow vapers and just for you, we here at Cloudstix have knocked down the price of this device to £19.99! A bargain that can’t be matched!

This kit comes equipped with:

– 1x 650 mAH batteries

– 1x eGo CE4 Cleariomiser

– 1x USB Charger

And just for you, Cloudstix have thrown in a free 10ml bottle of high quality e-liquid straight from our blue sky range!


Nowadays, a variety in e-liquid flavours is valued highly amongst vaping communities and as a result, we here at Cloudstix aim to offer a diverse range of first-rate e juices to satisfy even the most pernickety of vapers! Below we have compiled our different ranges and just a few of the tasty e-liquids from each category.

The Blue Sky Range


Our butterscotch e-liquid delivers a sensational blend of cream, butter and brown sugar to satisfy our sweet-toothed vapers who love a little extra throughout the day without the additional calories! This e-liquid is available in a variety of strengths including 24mg, 18mg, 11mg, 6mg and even nicotine-free!

Cherry Mint

A classic taste of cherry infused with the cooling sensation of minty freshness, Cherry Mint is just another in our blue sky range that is popular amongst our fellow vapers and proves to be a true keeper! Also going under the name of cherry menthol, if you previously enjoyed the taste of mint with your cigarettes, this flavour is a fantastic and above all healthier substitute to your old nasty habit. We recommend you give it a try!

GV Blend Virginia

Did you enjoy the traditional taste of roll-ups in your past life as a smoker? Well then, we have just the e-liquid for you with our GV Blend Virginia! Combined with a truly fantastic throat hit and timeless taste, this awesome e-liquid flavour is designed to satisfy the vapers who like to reminisce with a safer alternative.

The Decadent Range


Inspired by the ageless taste of sweet fairground treats, our candyfloss flavour is designed to kindle those cherished childhood memories. No need to enter the electrifying atmosphere of the fairground anymore, just sit back and relax with this unique and tasty e-liquid.


Our blue sky range mojito e-liquid takes all the enjoyments of the classic tastes of the cocktail and combine it into something truly special with a hint of class and trend. Also, this particular e-liquid can be infused with one of our other juices including cherry and raspberry for an enhanced experience! A fantastic tasting e-liquid with the added benefit of no hangover in the morning!


For something a little fruitier, you will surely want to try our blackcurrant flavoured e-liquid for a burst of traditional flavour and a rather refreshing after taste! Available in a variety of strengths including nicotine-free, 6mg and 11mg, this flavour is perfect for those summer days of relaxing in the warm glow of the sun. Absolute bliss.

 The Imperial Range

Juicy Pineapple

A tropical taste equipped with the ingredients to provide users with a truly amazing vapour cloud, sweet smelling fragrance and above all, an incredible throat hit! Our Juicy Pineapple e-liquid is ideal for those who love to reminisce about past holidays and upcoming summer days and satisfies all those who vape.

Amba Leaf

Yet another timeless tobacco taste, our Amba Leaf e-liquid does well to replicate the flavour of the real tobacco product and provides an awesome throat hit along with an equally fantastic vapour. Designed for those who just can’t beat their cravings, this e-liquid offers the chance to vape the desired flavour without the added chemicals.

Pear Drops

‘Are we nearly there yet’? A classic line taken from many a car journeys and you can’t have a car journey without travel sweets! With an intense taste of the classic British sweeties, never again will a car journey feel so tiresome with a matchless vaping experience.

Accessories and Mods

Aspire ET-S Glass BDC

The Aspire ET-s Glass BDC is a striking atomiser that absolutely screams first-rate quality with a luxurious vaping feel and diverse range of colours. In addition, the atomiser provides only the best vaping experience through a funnelled mouthpiece and makes a very trendy sidekick! Equipped with an aluminium shield and porthole so that you can monitor your e-liquid intake alongside a high-tech dual coil atomiser, this particular accessory focuses on quality and provides a truly divine vapour cloud and brilliant throat hit. Ideal for novice and veteran vapers, this accessory is certainly not a hit-or-miss and is well worth an investment.

Aspire CE5 BDC

Stylish, affordable with a hint of incorporated brilliance, why wouldn’t you want the Aspire CE5 BDC! With a phenomenal throat hit and vapour cloud alike, this device has been designed specifically with vapers in mind and aims to offer a first-rate vaping experience. The dual coil technology means enhanced e-liquid taste and with a 1.6ml tank, this atomiser is a very generous component indeed! The device also allows you to change the drip tip as desired meaning that you can mix and match colours whenever you want to suit your style.

 Sigelei Zmax V3

Reduced from its original retail price of £64.99 to just £57.50, this advanced e-cigarette mod allows users to vary the voltage in order to provide a smoother or more intense throat hit as well as permitting users to adjust the battery size as desired.

Available in either stainless steel or classic black, this mod is designed to fit all of our tanks and Clearomizers however, we particularly recommend the Protank 2 for a modish, sleek appearance! The lifespan of this mod is estimated at around sixty days from the date of delivery meaning that you can enjoy two months or so of incredible throat hits, heavenly vapour clouds and above all, a customised vaping experience.

These are just a few of the products we recommend to our consumers due to their enhanced vaping capabilities! We encourage our customers to always leave reviews and if you have any queries about any of our products, please get in touch through our website.


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