FDA Plans To Regulate E-Cigs in the US


In the U.S, the FDA has pushed forward and proposed the idea of enforcing stricter regulations which limit sales of e-cigs to minors and will require the devices to carry appropriate health warnings. These regulations will also require the packaging of electronic cigarettes to list the key ingredients.


According to the telegraph, the USA currently plays host to around five million e-cigarette users and the industry is estimated to have generated almost £1 billion in sales just last year. It is thought that these figures will double over the coming 12 months with major tobacco organisations, like Phillip Morris, also producing these devices. However, along with the popularity of electronic cigarettes, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of the devices as well as the theory that they could be a potential gateway to smoking traditional tobacco-based products.


Critics claim that these products may act as pathway to the dangers of smoking rather than help to wean individuals off cigarettes and many places have taken the step to ban these devices including New York who chose to extend its public space smoking ban to include the products. However, while these claims continue to be made, there are a handful of health professionals and e-cigarette advocates who believe that these devices could be the answer we’ve been looking for.


The FDA intends to adjust the rules and regulations currently surrounding e-cigarettes, along with nicotine gels and hookahs, so that they are in-line with tobacco laws.


This means that establishments manufacturing these devices will be barred from offering free samples or allowing their products to be available in vending machine. However, advertisement of these devices will not be banned if the company ensures they do not make health claims about their products.


E-cigarette companies will also be granted the use of flavours including chocolate and bubble-gum “to make the products more attractive.”


President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Matthew Myers, disagrees with the allowance of flavours and claims, “these additional regulations should restrict marketing that appeals to kids, prohibit flavours that are attractive to kids.”


Co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (the industry trade body), Thomas Kiklas welcomes the new proposed regulations. He said, “We have never claimed that electronic cigarettes were a cessation product. We do say that they are less harmful and a logical alternative. We are happy that the FDA has released some guidelines and we support the responsible regulation of electronic cigarettes.”


How do you feel about the new regulations to be enforced in the US? Is there anything that you’d change?


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