FIFA WORLD CUP 2014: The Vaper’s Ultimate Guide

It’s 2014 and the FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. People have already started planning pre-match barbecues and post-match celebrations (or commiserations?!). Some are booking flights to Brazil for a front row view of the action whilst others are digging their beloved football shirts out of the bottom drawer and polishing off the plasma. Whether you’re planning to head to ground zero or settle on your own sofa, the likelihood is you are preparing to show some support for your favourite team. Even if you’re not an avid footy fan, the World Cup is a time for nations to come together and show their boys some love.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be going to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, here’s a whistle-stop tour of the country’s five main airports; all just a stone’s throw from the stadiums that will be hosting the beautiful game’s biggest competition!

Rio de Janeiro


Stadium: Estádio do Maracanã (capacity – 76,935)

Airport: Galeão International Airport

Time Difference (to GMT): -2 hours

Flight Duration (from LHR): 12 hours

Distance from UK (miles): 5750

Distance from Rio de Janeiro (miles): 12


São Paulo

Stadium: Arena Corinthians (capacity – 68,000)

Airport: Guarulhos International Airport

Time Difference (to GMT): -2 hours

Flight Duration (from LHR): 12 hours 16 minutes

Distance from UK (miles): 5885

Distance from São Paulo (miles): 16



Stadium: Arena Pernambuco (capacity 46,154)

Airport: Guararapes International Airport

Time Difference (to GMT): -3 hours

Flight Duration (from LHR): 9 hours 41 minutes

Distance from UK (miles): 4592

Distance from Recife (miles): 9



Stadium: Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha (capacity – 70,042)

Airport: Brasilia-Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport

Time Difference (to GMT): -2 hours

Flight Duration (from LHR):11 hours 24 minutes

Distance from UK (miles): 5451

Distance from Brasilia (miles): 7



Stadium: Arena Amazônia (capacity – 42,374)

Airport: Eduardo Gomes-Manaus International Airport

Time Difference (to GMT): -4 hours

Flight Duration (from LHR): 10 hours 46 minutes

Distance from UK (miles): 5134

Distance from Manaus (miles): 9

The prospect of international travel to one of the globe’s biggest sporting events may seem a little daunting but once you’ve sorted out your travel plans you will be able to sit back and simply enjoy all of the action. Now of course, waiting with bated breath for referees’ decisions and goals to be made can get those stress levels a little higher than normal and you may find yourself wanting to vape as a means of a distraction from the on-pitch pressure. If you were staying put in Blighty this wouldn’t be a problem but before jetting off to Brazil, you will have to think twice.

The regulations surrounding the use of e cigarettes in the UK are very different to those in Brazil. Like the UK, conventional cigarettes are banned from all enclosed public spaces in Brazil, unless otherwise stated. Unlike the UK, the sale, purchase, import or advertisement of e cigarettes is banned countrywide. In Brazil e cigarettes are considered to be a “tobacco imitation” but the country’s health agency (Anvisa) maintain that there is too little information available on them to deem them safe for public use.

What this means is that anyone travelling to Brazil (say, a British World Cup fan in summer 2014) will not be allowed to take their e cigarettes with them. Don’t try to hide yours in a flip flop and don’t plan on sneaking a few cheeky vapes. Respect the host country and their regulations. As sorry as we are to say it, come Brazil 2014 leave that e cig at home.

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