Five a Day of Flavours

Unlike conventional cigarettes which are just your bog-standard blend of harsh chemicals and charred-smokey flavours (menthol being the exception), E-cigarettes open up a wealth of interesting flavours to enhance your vaping experience. E-cigarettes do away with the large proportion of the chemicals that are found in ordinary cigarettes, making for a much healthier alternative – without compromising on nicotine quality.

Smoking cigarettes can leave a horrible taste in your mouth on top of the lingering smell and stained teeth. E-cigarettes eliminate these pesky problems leaving behind a much sweeter taste and smell.

“But are there any reputable companies that sell these fruit-flavoured E-cigarettes?” I hear you ask, well….

Here at Cloudstix we are one of the UK’s leading E-cigarettes and E-liquid suppliers, offer one of the most diverse ranges of E-liquid flavours available. You’ll have no problem finding five fruity flavours to sample at a price that will leave as wide grinned as a hyena. Flavours including the likes of apple, mango and raspberry are all in the Cloudstix E-liquid repertoire. If those flavours were enough to wet your appetite then you’ll love the variable smorgasbord of fruit – flavoured E-liquids Cloudstix have on offer. To view the full list click here.

Although not a replacement for the real thing; Cloudstix’s fruit flavoured E-liquids are however, pack full of fruity flavour and you’ll instantly recognise their distinctive fruity taste. But don’t just take my word for it, Just check out these glowing testimonials:

The taste of the fruit liquids were great and I’ve now dropped down to 11mg, I’d recommend this company to other vapers out there.” – Johnson

Great products, prices and deliver on time. Great tasting e juice with lots of vapour. I bought the cherry cola cubes, and the red cola juice. Both very nice.” Adam Smith

“Really Awesome Tastes. Also very impressed with the service, very fast delivery and quality juice full of flavour, I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you.” Arlite

“I’ve used other suppliers, but none appear as reliable as these guys. Try the ‘Blackcurrant Soother’ liquid – it is the best.” – Mark Duffy

Just a handpicked selection of happy customers, all loving the E-liquid flavour. You could be one of them too by visiting or dropping them a line on 0845 257 6543 to speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

Don’t you think it’s time you got five a day!?

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