Why Would the Government Try Ban E Liquid

The Government Wants to Ban E Liquid

Does the government really want to prevent people from being able to stop smoking cigarettes with e liquid? Has the government tried to ban other means that have helped people to stop smoking such as nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patches? No, so why would they want to ban the use of ecigs (e liquid) as well as their use in public? Let’s take a brief look into why the government has shown themselves to be opposed to something, that is seemingly meant to help people increase their health by quitting smoking, improve their financial situation and ultimately contribute to the cleanliness and moral upstanding of the United States of America. Could there be something we’ve missed about the use of e-cigs?

Facts on E Liquid & The Proposed Government Ban

Here are some facts that we should take into consideration when talking about the government trying to ban ecigs: Some have made claims that the artificial smoke inhaled and then later exhaled by ecigs is harmful. PMA president Dr. Leo Olarte made the following statement: “This is a simple case of life and death involving the very health and lives of our people, most especially our children.” He said “most especially our children” since children are more susceptible to this harmful exhalation since their bodies are smaller and can withstand much less of this chemical than a grown adult would be able to.

The Food and Drug administration also weighed in on the matter of government try ban ecigs, posting advisory warnings to the public stating that these smoking devices (ecigs) were not entirely emissions free and that they had a volatile substances that could be damaging to a person’s health like propylene glycol as well as carcinogenic metals not unlike nickel and chromium.

Here’s one one ecig user named Paul said as far as the product helping him: “E-smoking (vaping) was the perfect solution at first. I could still hold a cigarette between my fingers, I didn’t have to leave the room to grab a smoke, and it helped with wanting to quit smoking ’cause it reduced the amount of nicotine I was consuming.” So for others out there who share Paul’s sentiments on the subject of ecigs, where would they be if ecigs were banned completely? We can’t say with certainty, but the vast majority of ecig users would more than likely continue to be slaves to nicotine.

The government is trying to ban e liquid under the premise that it releases harmful emissions. Perhaps the government needs to think about the causality ratings, cancer increase and environmental damage cause by the alternative – smoking real cigarettes.

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