The Importance of a Reputable Electronic Cigarette Retailer

The Importance of a Reputable Electronic Cigarette Retailer

Whatever goods we are shopping for we are often drawn in by big brand names and the appeal of having something designer or from a brand which is deemed wealthy in the eyes of the public often fills us with joy. So, why would we stop when shopping for an electronic cigarette?

Whilst there are plenty of companies out there who claim to offer high quality electronic cigarette products, it’s essential that you as the consumer research the brand thoroughly to ensure you aren’t caught out by any nasty surprises.

Much like you’d shop around for a car or a new electrical gadget and research the brand to make sure they had thoroughly tested the product before it went to market, it’s now more essential than ever to make sure you are brand savvy.

It’s great that we live in a society where so many are able to set up their own businesses and become their own bosses. However, it has unfortunately led to a culture where processes are being forgotten and products are falling into the hand of rogue entrepreneurs who want to make a quick buck rather than truly believe or care in the product.

Scaremongering Tactics

Recent scaremongering in the news has also meant that now more than ever electronic cigarettes need to be vigilant when shopping for a new electronic cigarette or e-liquid. This comes in light of the news that 75% of flavoured electronic cigarettes were found to have the chemical diacetyl in.

In a study which included tests on 51 flavours, diacetyl was found in some of the participating devices. It’s worth noting that diacetyl is also a chemical which is found in some fruit and alcohol flavourings, as well as in artificial butter flavours.

In the study the electronic cigarette was placed into a sealed compartment with a device which sucked air out for 8 seconds, the resulting air stream was then analysed for chemicals. The brand of items used in the study has been held back and using products which have been thoroughly tested is always recommended.

What Makes a Good Electronic Cigarette?

At Cloudstix we have and continue to thoroughly and regularly test our products and e-liquids and screen against chemicals including, but not limited to, diacetyl. When shopping with an electronic cigarette vendor keep an eye out for the following:

  • Does the brand look well established? If something doesn’t look right it probably isn’t.
  • Have they conducted any studies surrounding their own products?
  • Can they back up the claims they are making about their product?
  • Are they a registered supplier with any leading organisations such as Electronic Cigarette Forum?
  • What is previous customer feedback like?
  • Research the brand and find out where they source their items from.
  • If you’re unsure ask the vendor a question, they will be there to help you.

Darren Sharples, Director at Cloudstix comments; “Cloudstix source our e liquid from reputable manufacturers only. We very much sacrifice profit for quality but believe this is a key reason why people return to shop with us time and time again.

When sourcing a new supplier we ensure that they have a certified clean sterile environment suitable for e liquid production and we never take the manufacturers word on ingredients and spend thousands per quarter to have our product screened and tested against known chemicals that should not be in e liquids, the fact that recent press has painted all vendors with the same brush is very disappointing considering the lengths Cloudstix go to in order to supply a safe vaping experience.’

With a few simple steps and an expert eye keeping safe whilst using electronic cigarettes is a simple process.

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