Interview with an E-cig convert!

If you thought that electronic cigarettes were just a puff of hot air then this interview with an e-cig convert will hopefully convert you too! With a colossal 2 million e-cig users in the UK alone, this certainly suggests that there must be method to the vaping madness!

This interview with an actual e-cig user will hopefully help to dispel any misconceptions people may have surrounding electronic cigarettes and their benefits.

The Interview

1)      What made you want to convert to e-cigs?

“I had tried everything under the sun to try and quit smoking and with my husband (who doesn’t smoke and despises it due to return from Afghan within a few weeks, it was my last hope. I had told him that I’d quit months ago whilst still sneakily smoking without him knowing. I didn’t want my clothes to stink anymore but it was the motion of smoking that had always tempted me back and also the relief that nicotine gave me during stressful periods – I could always tell when I’d had a bad month because I’d spent a fortune on cigarettes.”

2)      Upon first trying an e-cig did you find it a satisfying experience?

“It took a bit of getting used to if I’m honest, it made me cough the first time because I wasn’t used to it. Where cigarette smoke is quite a warm, heavy sensation, the vapour from my e-cig was refreshing and felt cooler. Everything about e -cigs curbed my craving for tobacco and the only other thing that I found a little hard was missing out on the chit-chat when other smokers went outside to smoke.”

3)      Did you find the transition from tobacco –based cigarettes to e-cigarettes easy?

“Easier than any other means of trying to give up smoking I have ever tried yes. I wouldn’t say I didn’t miss smoking at all but that feeling only lasted for a couple of weeks. I think knowing that my health was going to benefit and I wasn’t going to spend as much money, not only on tobacco but also perfume too, made it a lot easier and a lot more satisfying.”

4)      What was the first flavoured E-liquid you tried? Did the flavour taste as described?

“The first flavour I tried was menthol liquid – the starter kits that first time users tend to go for normally include a free liquid that is normally either tobacco flavour or menthol flavour.”

5)      What is favourite flavour of E-liquid?

“I really like the fruit/mint flavour combos e.g. cherry mint, strawberry mint etc.”

6)      How long have you been an e-cig convert? Did you encounter any setbacks as a result i.e. craving for tobacco cigarettes, increased appetite etc?

“I have been an e – cig convert for about 9 months now. I never noticed an increase in appetite – I suppose because I was still getting the nicotine hit that my body was craving. The only time that I slipped up was when my Dad was really ill and at the time, as a new e – cig user, I felt the only way to combat the craving that came from that situation was through smoking – it seems stupid looking back and I know for a fact now that I would reach for my e – cig first. Also really stupid to be smoking when the reason my Dad was so ill was because of the effects of smoking tobacco.”

7)      Would you recommend E-cigs to family or friends?

“100%. I’ve already got my Mum and Dad on them. Although there are a lot of ‘stories’ in the industry about the uncertainty of smoking, if the head of Cancer Research can come out and say that they are at least 100 times safer than tobacco, that’s good enough for me and I would feel no worry in recommending e – cigs.”

8)      Do you know anyone with an electronic cigarette? What were their experiences (if you know)?

“My dad managed to give up tobacco after 40+ years of smoking with the help of his e – cig. For him it’s the throat hit that he craves. It took a while to find him the right strength e liquid but we finally got there.”

That concludes our “Interview with an E-cig convert.” Cloudstix are one of the UK’s leading electronic cigarette suppliers. Our high quality catalogue of E-cigs, liquids and accessories ensure that you get the perfect package everytime!

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