Introducing The Aspire Range


Every modern innovation in technology or any other field is eventually followed by modifications, upgrades, even overhauls. The e-cig industry is no different. Ever since their inception in the early 2000s e-cigs have enjoyed immense fame and good reviews. More and more people are ditching the old habits of smoking regular cigarettes and instead opting for a more controlled approach as far as nicotine and tobacco consumption goes, and using electronic cigarettes. New modifications to the e-cig have come over the years and today we will introduce one such range of innovation which is not only better than its predecessor, it is also readily available at Cloudstix website.

The Aspire Range is Here!

Introducing the Aspire Range

The Aspire range of electronic cigarettes is the latest in e-cig innovation to hit the market. It comes with immense benefits and new features that make it an absolute must-have for people who smoke e-cigs. Below we will highlight some of these features in an effort to demonstrate why they are so different and better.

Amazing Dual Coil System

Unlike other e-cigarette filters that use a single coil system, the Aspire range comes with dual coil architecture allowed for more efficient and quick burning of the fluids. This means that people who use this get their desired fill faster with fewer puffs.

Available in Pyrex Glass and Plastic

For easy of convenience, the model comes standard in two forms, plastic as well as Pyrex glass. The latter is obviously more sophisticated as far as materials go however if people are concerned about safety in case they accidently drop the e-cig, the plastic models ensure it lands safely without breaking or affecting any of the amount and quality of the liquid inside.

Easy to Fill, Easy to Clean

Well this can be said of almost all electronic cigarettes. However the entire process of filling and cleaning the filter has been further optimized in the Aspire range. It uses a very simple setup that can be used to either fill up with e-liquid or cleaning.

Amazing Vapor Clouds

One of the hallmarks of the Aspire range is the amazing clouds of vapor it produces. They are more visible and stronger. Not that it has any effect on your smoking but it is a very visible feature. The quality of the e-liquid used also plays a part in the quality of the vapor produced however the Aspire models by far outshine their regular counterparts when it comes to vapor clouds.

Some people might be tempted to stick with their existing e-cig, case in point those who use Kanger Range. No harm in that whatsoever. Cloudstix is an official distributor of Kanger. However, most smokers tend to keep at least two e-cigs on hand in case one becomes available due to it requiring cleaning. In such events, the backup or the 2nd e-cig comes in really handy and it’s certainly not a bad idea to have the 2nd one be a different model. So even though you are happy with your Kanger e-cig, having a 2nd option in Aspire model would be a great idea. That way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Many of our customers have switched to Aspire completely after trying it out for a few weeks.

Try It Out!

We highly recommend that you try out the new Aspire Range. It is readily available at the Cloudstix website and competitively priced for your convenience. The orders have already started coming in as we diligently try to keep our online store stocked not just with good quality e-cigarettes but also e-liquids and flavours in order to accommodate our customers as best as humanly possible.

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