I’ve switched to vaping- Why am I coughing?

We have seen many arguments in recent press and discussed on blogs and forums that vaping is a far healthier choice than smoking, and with around million people in the UK now using E-cigarettes, it seems that the message is hitting home.  So with health in mind, many people are asking – “I’ve switched so vaping so why am I coughing?” and we aim to give you some insights in this article that will help to answer this question.

Vaping is an entirely different entity than smoking, you are breathing in something foreign to your lungs and they want rid, much like they did when you first started smoking cigarettes. Your body will take time to adjust to the vapour, try not to take long, deep draws on your E-Cigarette as this will irritate your throat and lungs, ideally the draw should last 2-3 seconds, should be easy and comfortable.

The frequency at which you vape could be another reason that vaping is uncomfortable for you. As previously mentioned, vaping is a very different exercise than smoking and you will not need to vape at the same frequency at which you smoked, continuing to do so could cause dehydration as ingredients in E-liquids such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) attract moisture, resulting in irritated, dry mouths and throats with frequent use – try increasing your water intake whilst reducing your vaping and see if this has a positive impact.

The PG and VG also provide the ‘throat hit’ that many users still crave when they switch from smoking, but smokers that aren’t used to this can find this irritating; its PG that gives a more prominent ‘throat’ hit, so make sure you are vaping with liquids that contains VG instead.

With your coughing, you may also experience a sore throat and feeling light headed. This could be caused by the strength of nicotine that you are using; the nicotine strength is down to the concentration of liquid nicotine per bottle and our Cloudstix E-liquid ranges from 0mg – 24mg, relative to the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day. If you were to inhale a strength of nicotine stronger than you were used to, in would result in unwanted side effects – so try to reduce the nicotine level in your E-Cigarette for a better experience.

While these symptoms can be confusing and distressing, always try to keep in the back of your mind that you are improving your health by vaping rather than smoking and once you find your happy medium in the world of vaping, you will soon reap the benefits, so don’t give up in your quest to become tobacco free!

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