How To Make An E Cig Easter Basket

Easter is coming and if you haven’t already, you will soon be seeing chocolate eggs and bunnies all over the place. Once a year, this beloved spring holiday gives us license to eat chocolate eggs for breakfast and wash them down with a chocolate bunny for dessert. What is not to love about that?

Well, as much as many of us are happy gorging on chocolate, sugar and all sorts of other unhealthy goodies for the entirety of the long weekend, it doesn’t float everyone’s boat. There will be people with more of a savoury than a sweet tooth, others may be on a diet and yet more people might prefer a more useful, personalised Easter basket. This will more than likely be the case with those trying to kick their smoking habit.

Instead of encouraging chocoholism this Easter, why not support other vapers you know or smokers looking for a safer alternative and give the gift of an e cig Easter basket? It will not only be a fun DIY project for you to get stuck into, it will also allow you to create a totally personalised basket that matches everything, from the colour of the carry case to the flavours of e liquid included, to the person who will receive it.

Read on to see what swaps you can make to replace traditional Easter goodies with personalised e cig goodies instead.

What you will need:

1. Basket (in a colour and size of your choice)
• Traditional vessel for displaying Easter goods
2. Shredded paper (single or multi-coloured)
• To put in base of basket, raise bottom and add interest
3. Cellophane
• Packaging to wrap around finished basket
4. Ribbon
• To tie around top of cellophane, keeping it together and prettying up basket

Instead of an Easter Bunny try an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
A starter kit is a great gift for vaping rookies and veterans alike. If you are catering for someone new to the world of e cigs then a simple starter kit like the Single CE4 or Single CE6 is ideal; either starter kit will provide them with all they need to start vaping. If you are catering to an established vaper, a starter kit is still a useful gift because a vaper can never have too many tools

Instead of a toy try a carry case
Small cuddly toys or colouring sets are popular choices for children’s Easter baskets but the sophisticated vaper is better off with a useful e cig related toy. A carry case in their favourite colour for example, will be both appreciated and apt

Instead of multi-coloured or chocolate eggs try different flavoured e liquids
Colourful dyed eggs and chocolate eggs are iconic Easter symbols but with the wide range of e liquids available you can have a food-free Easter basket that is just as colourful and tasty as the original. With a choice of sweet, fruity and drink flavours as well as menthol and tobacco e juices available, you will be able to select a handful of the recipient’s favourite flavours

Instead of Easter chicks try a charger adaptor
Fluffy yellow Easter chick decorations are as synonymous with spring and Easter as the Bunny himself, but they aren’t overly useful in an e cig Easter basket. Instead, replace them with useful bits and bobs a vaper can use with their e cig or their new starter kit; for example, a charger adapter or one of the other mods available

Instead of sweets try mouthpieces and drip tips
As if chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies weren’t enough, Easter baskets are normally padded out with sweets as well. This will send inner-children and sugar-lovers jumping for joy but they may not appeal to the vaper. This is where little colourful extras like mouthpieces and drip tips come in. They are useful bits but not necessarily something people may think of to buy themselves, so treat them with a reusable gift

These are just some of the e cig and e juice related items you could use in an e cig Easter basket. How much you decide to put in the basket, whether or not you want to include sweets, chocolate and other gifts and how you present the basket will all depend on things like your budget, how many vapers you have to cater for and what their individual preferences are. Nonetheless, the above swap suggestions are a good place to start if you want to give someone their very own personalised e cig Easter basket this year.

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