What You Need to Know About E Cigarette Safety

Unfortunately this week the national media has been overrun with shocking reports of the injuries that people have sustained due to E Cigarettes.  From third degree burns, houses fires, broken teeth and bones, there have been some serious doubts and concerns surrounding the safety of E Cigarettes thanks to these horror stories from around the world.

Unfortunately, like any industry there will always be those unscrupulous companies that are here to make a quick buck without any real concern about the implications that their products could cause.

However some of the safety concerns could be avoided if all devices were accompanied by a full instructional leaflet, which covered all aspects of the device and care that should be taken when charging and changing coils and tanks.

The component that is most likely to combust and cause injury or fire within an e cigarette is the lithium- ion battery, also found in most smart phones and laptops. Thousands upon thousands of lithium batteries are produced every year and cases of batteries that explode is rare (despite recent press coverage). The process that causes these batteries to overheat is called ‘thermal runway’ and happens when the battery modules over heat and cause a chain reaction, some batteries actually have in built safety measures that prevent this from happening and it is extreme conditions that usually causes the batteries to overheat.

Over charging the batteries can cause them to become unstable and overheat, 2 aspects that can have dire consequences. There are some precautions that we urge all E cigarette users to take when charging their devices.

  • Only use the charging cables that are supplied with your device, and be vigilant by using them with the recommended charging devices.
  • Only charge them when the battery is completely discharged, and charge for no longer than is required.
  • Do not charge overnight.
  • Familiarise yourself with the battery so that it will be easy to recognise if the battery has deteriorated in any way. Batteries that show signs of discolouration, leaking or change in shape then discontinue use immediately.
  • Do not expose the device and its battery to high temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Other metals, mobile phones and magnetized objects may interfere with the chemistry of the battery, so take care when carry your device in a bag or pocket that contains these items.

Some have argued that the level of press coverage surrounding the malfunction of electronic cigarette devices is highly influenced by large tobacco companies, wanting to discredit the emerging market. The truth is that E Cigarettes are not alone in combusting when used with incompatible and cheap charging devices, mobile phones and gaming devices have also caused explosions and fires whilst being charged incorrectly and against manufactures instructions and guidelines. When you also compare the amount of house fires it puts the difference in perspective; the number of fires caused by E Cigarettes remains under 100 each year whilst fires caused by traditional cigarettes is almost 3000.

With this information in mind, we urge all who read this to consider the consequences of using a cheap unbranded charging device, many of them fail to meet the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations Act and cause large, damaging explosions.

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