New ASH Report Confirms E-Cigarette Success

Since the electronic cigarette was first developed in 2003, the debate has long raged on as to whether the devices have improved the conversion rate of non-smokers. But in this new report by the UK Anti-Smoking Charity on Smoking and Health, (ASH), they’ve abolished these claims and given the first high quality survey detailing the true benefits of the e-cig on those looking to stop smoking.

We’ve long been believers that e-cigarettes have been an instrumental tool in helping many people quit their traditional smoking habits and begin a healthier lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that we wanted to share this incredible news with you and illustrate just what a difference switching to an e-cig can make.

Previously many reports that have looked into the e-cigarette industry have been poorly constructed and severely biased. Although ASH have often distanced themselves from the controversy that has surrounded e-cigarettes, their refreshing report has been well constructed to give the most relevant and valid information within the industry.

Examining both adults and those of school-age, the data they have gained has shown the dramatic solution that electronic cigarettes have given to many.

There’s constant concern in the press that e-cigs are encouraging younger people to smoke, especially as so many celebrities are seen influencing their use, but as detailed in the report regular use of e-cigs in children was confined almost exclusively to ex or current smokers.

Showing that despite the media hype that many like to jump on, e-cigarettes are not encouraging traditional smoking but aiding many to stop.

ASH estimates that there are currently 2.6 million adults using electronic cigarettes, with 1.1 million of these people using e-cigs alone. As Vapers are now making up 10% of the 10 million UK smokers, it clearly shows that electronic cigarettes are getting people to move away from smoking.

Successful switching has increased with the e-cigarettes, which is something the government can no longer deny.

Another part of the report that we particularly found interesting was also the research surrounding the flavours that people like to use. We know that many of our new flavours are proving popular as the warmer months roll in, but it’s great to know that Tobacco and Menthol flavours are still holding their own.

With the recent news that Wales have banned the use of e-cigs in enclosed spaces, we hope that this report highlights the true benefits of e-cigarettes to those wanting to switch and remain social.

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