New Eliquid Flavours from Cloudstix

When it comes to service, we here at Cloudstix pride not only our team but also our stock of e-cigarette essentials and accessories, perfect for both novice and experienced vapers. You may have already heard that we’ve made the extra efforts to introduce a few new eliquids into our existing line, in order to provide our consumers with not only greater variety but also an enhanced vaping experience. So, without further ado, we’d like to present our brand new eliquid flavours to all of our readers!

Desert Camel Tobacco

Ideal for vapers who want to stick to the classics, our Desert Camel Tobacco flavoured eliquid does well to replicate the flavours associated with traditional cigarettes and provides vapers with a relief in the form of a pure tobacco taste. If you’re a dedicated tobacco vaper, then this is the eliquid for you!

Luxury Aniseed

If you’re a fanatic over aniseed balls and the classic blackjack sweets, this eliquid is perfect for you. Smooth and undeniably delightful, this lingering taste sensation is available in a variety of nicotine strengths and is mind-blowingly delicious.


Warming cinnamon makes the perfect accompaniment to those chilly nights and frost-bitten days where you just want to cuddle up in bed. Take the sensation of sitting round a bonfire or in front of the cosy home fire wherever you go with this prized eliquid.

Hot Chocolate

The luxurious taste of this eliquid supplemented by a warming, deluxe vape makes the perfect end to a long, hard day. Cuddle up with a blanket on the sofa, pop on the television on a chilly night and reward your taste buds with a flavour sensation with our hot chocolate flavoured eliquid.

Gummi Bears

Bursting with fresh, fruity flavours and sweet-toothed goodness, our gummi bear flavoured eliquid is a gorgeous blend of fruit and sweet. We can guarantee that if you love the classic taste of gummi’s, you’ll struggle to put this one down!

Pina Colada

‘If you like pina colada…’ then you’ll absolutely adore this drink flavoured eliquid, infused with classic flavour combined with a great throat hit and fantastic vapour cloud, we bet this’ll be on the shelf with your most loved eliquids in no time.

Rum and Cola

A delicious taste of rum and our decadent cola blended together to create everybody’s favourite drink and the best part is, no alcohol! Take this tasty eliquid with you on a night out and live t-total with our rum and cola flavoured e-juice.

Creamy Vanilla Custard

Last, but certainly not least is our immense creamy vanilla custard; with a unique blend of creamy custard with a touch of intense vanilla flavouring, it’s ideal for mixing and perfect on its own too. With a brilliant throat hit and amazing cloud, it’ll be hard topping this one!

So, there you have it! A quick run-down of all of our new eliquid flavours! Which one will become your all-time favourite?

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