New Legislation Will Have A Direct Impact On The Vaping Community

Recently the European Parliament cast a vote on the drafted TPD (tobacco products directive) and came to the final decision. The newly passed proposal will come into effect by 2016 will see sweeping changes introduced across the e-cig industry. Below we have compiled just a few sections of the proposal that are relevant to e-cigarettes and what effect that this will have on vapers.

Firstly, eliquid is only to be retailed in bottles that range from 10ml and below and it will be made illegal for e liquid to exceed nicotine concentrations of up to 20mg/ml. This not only means that it will restrict the amount of eliquid that can be purchased in terms of quantities when it comes to bottles, it also means that a few of our heavier vapers will not have access to the appropriate strength, making it more likely that they will switch back to regular cigarettes in the long run.
Also, electronic cigarette tanks will now be limited to only 2mls in total capacity. Though this could mean vapers may begin to vape less, on the other hand it most likely means that vapers will be filling up their tanks more quickly therefore using a lot of eliquid over a short period and requiring them to purchase more.

The final section will implement strict bans on e-cigarette advertisement which may also include forums and online broadcasts.

However, although this proposal has been passed, it has to go through several legal actions before it becomes set in stone. Initially, the TPD now has to be brought before the Council of EU Ministers. If these ministers decide to ratify the proposal, it then becomes law.

Following the decision made by the Council of EU Ministers, member states must then work to amend local laws so that it complies with the new directive. By this stage the UK Government will be required to evaluate the Directive brought forward and adjust UK law accordingly. It is thought that it may take weeks, even months for the UK law to be analysed and amended by legal teams who belong to numerous departments.

As a company, here at Cloudstix we are a strong supporter of the European Free Vaping Initiative (efvi) and the work they do and are currently undergoing to ensure that vapers can use these devices in a fairer world where it is freely permitted. We encourage vapers all around the world to share and showcase their support for this initiative by signing the online petition. To find out more about what you can do to get involved, please click here.

If you have any other questions regarding the new proposal or vaping in general, please get in touch through our site.

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