NHS Updated Electronic Cigarette Advice

After the benefits of electronic cigarettes were confirmed by Public Health England the NHS has updated its quit smoking advice sites to include the latest statistics in support of electronic cigarettes. Whilst, Article 20 was unfortunately passed the latest support for e-cigarettes is hopefully a boost to the vaping economy.

The NHS has come out in support that electronic cigarettes only carry around 5% of the risk that smoking does and as no smoke is produced by vaping there are no passive smoking impacts to those who are around vapouriser users. Updated advice from the NHS can be found here.

It has been well documented that electronic cigarettes are a successful quitting aid to those who wish to quit smoking and the NHS supports this method as a better aid than nicotine replacement therapies. If you want to quit smoking then to get started on your electronic cigarette journey then a starter kit will contain all you need to begin. A starter kit typically contains the vapouriser, batteries, e-liquid and charger.

At present it is estimated that 2.6 million adults currently use electronic cigarettes in the UK proving that e-cigarettes are a popular choice amongst those who wish to quit smoking. However, it is worth noting that electronic cigarettes are not currently available through stop smoking services so if you wish to purchase a kit then you will need to do so from a reputable electronic cigarette supplier.

It is extremely good news that the NHS has shown its support for the electronic cigarette industry, especially as the introduction of the Tobacco Products Directive looks set to hit the industry when it is implemented. Luckily, this won’t outdo the good work that electronic cigarettes have done so far including helping approximately 20,000 smokers to quit in 2014.

Darren Sharples at Cloudstix said: “Its fantastic that the NHS have shown full support for electronic cigarettes, this just makes the incoming regulation from Article 20 of the TPD all the more frustrating and puzzling. One of the things that will be badly affected, if not wiped off the market by article 20, is refillable tanks and this is a key part of the NHS study that shows has helped smokers.

We can only hope that the powers that be in Europe are listening and see sense to scrap article 20 before its too late.”

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