Why People Enjoy Smoking

According to a 1947 article outlining the reasons why people choose and enjoy the sensation of cigarettes, “smoking is as much as psychological pleasure as it is a physiological satisfaction”. During a study conducted by Ernest Ditcher, a responder said, “it is not the taste that counts. It’s that sense of satisfaction you get from a cigarette that you can’t get from anything else.”

So, in reflection of Ditcher’s article, we here at Cloudstix took it upon ourselves to highlight some of the key aspects that people enjoy about smoking and how it compares to the electronic cigarette. Let’s start with the apparent ‘social’ aspects that smokers believe come with their habit.


While many smokers believe that their habit is their ticket to a bigger social group, the actual smell and action of smoking is enough to make non-smokers avoid you. Furthermore, though you may associate cigarette smoking with bonding with fellow employees or pub friends, we must admit there are few social aspects directly related to smoking.

The majority of the time, dedicated smokers will be willing to go out for a cigarette all by themselves, therefore eliminating the so-called ‘beneficial social aspects’ all-together. Now, you can argue that people who are social-smokers may get the benefit of the doubt however, as mentioned before the habit alone is enough to make people walk away, if not find it highly offensive.

Unlike smoking, many places still allow the use of electronic cigarettes indoors and there are even a few vaping lounges dotted around the UK which allow e-cigarette smokers to relax in peace. In addition to this, a study conducted into the ‘danger’ of second-hand vapour suggests that although there are some traces of nicotine, it does not contain the 4000+ toxins found in second-hand smoke. Now, though the researchers admit that more in-depth studies need to be conducted into the matter, what this study suggests could be a huge step forward in terms of electronic cigarettes.


A common phrase we often here is smoking according to a routine and it’s sad to say that once a routine has been established it is extremely hard to break. Although we admit that sticking to a routine is always a good approach to take with every aspect of life including work, family life and so on, with a product containing over 4000 chemicals being incorporated into every aspect of your daily living, it’s sad to say that many will struggle to break the habit.

While the same can be said for e-cigarettes, they are a healthier, safer alternative to the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.

A Sense of Community

Every smoker will understand when I say that the ‘smoking world’ comes with a great sense of community, unlike many things in life and for you the most difficult thing may be trying to substitute that feeling of ‘community’ with something that delivers equally.

However, aside from traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can deliver that same sense of community in a much safer form and make the perfect alternative for smokers who don’t want to necessarily quit, but keep that communal sense in a healthier form.

So, these are just a few of the things smokers appear to enjoy about the habit and how e-cigarettes can enhance these ‘benefits’, if you like.

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