Quitting Smoking: Thoughts


When it comes to kicking the habit, a lot of people find it tough to put down the cigarettes and they often put the difficulty down to the physical changes that occur in the body when they stop smoking. Whilst they are right that the physical side of quitting is tough, the psychological process is equally hard to tackle. Having the mindset that you need a cigarette at certain times of the day comes down to both routine and the thoughts that without a cigarette, you won’t be able to cope. However, by breaking this mindset and banishing those harmful thoughts, you may find that quitting smoking will be easier to cope with over the next few months. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at just a few of the common thoughts that smokers are inclined to have during the quitting process.


‘One cigarette won’t hurt’


Though this is partially true in comparison to having ten a day, the fact is even one cigarette can cause serious damage to the body; but reminding yourself of this is only half the battle. The other half is remembering that although one cigarette will cause less harm than pack, it still has the potential to completely ruin your progress so far.


‘I need cigarettes to cope with life’


As mentioned before, many smokers fall into this deadly mindset where negative thoughts of a life without smoking can overcome any progress. In all honesty, breaking the chain of smoking can do much more good than it can bad and one little slipup or a particularly bad day shouldn’t ruin your chances of a healthier life without the cigs.


‘I’m still young; I still have years to quit smoking’


Another deadly thought that can cause turmoil in later life if not addressed. Instead of thinking that you’re still young, you should think of the positives of quitting like ‘I’ve been smoking for less years, so why not quit now while I have the chance’. In addition, the less years you’ve been smoking, the more likely your body is to reverse the damage already caused, giving youth all the more reason to say bye-bye to the butts.


‘People always smoke around me, how can I resist the temptation?’


It’s true; it is tempting to light up when your friends or family are but you should really think about how much more you can achieve as a non-smoker. You won’t be wafting an offensive odour around your non-smoking friends and you can work towards getting your body into better shape after you’ve quit for good. Heck, you could run a marathon if you wanted! So just remain positive and look to the future for motivation, rather than the present day.


Quitting smoking is a tough ride and often people need a little help to put out the butts for good. Here at Cloudstix, although we recognise that e-cigarettes are not a smoking cessation tool, we do support smokers who want to quit the habit for good. If you’re looking for a healthier substitute to smoking but you don’t want to say goodbye to the nicotine for good, we can help you choose the most ideal starter kit and eliquid strength to begin your journey to making the switch.


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