Reasons to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

We all aim to start the year off full of vitality and ready to tackle those challenges head on, and with one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions being to quit smoking once and for all there’s often not a better time to give up the smoke!

Giving up without a quitting aid can sometimes be hard to accomplish, and with many using electronic cigarettes as a quitting aid, 72% agreed in a survey that they found them helpful, it seems the evidence weighs up.

There are so many reasons as to why you may want to quit smoking and people citing everything from money concerns over the cost of smoking to the range of health benefits, electronic cigarettes are proving a popular choice.

Health Benefits

Chances are if you’re quitting smoking it’s for health reasons, after all we’re often bombarded with statistics weekly which tell us just how bad smoking is for us.

Sometimes if we can’t see or feel something then it doesn’t quite feel true and sadly that’s how we can sometimes view our health. Whilst there are some physical changes that smoking makes to our appearances such as yellowing nails and poor skin, the real damage is on the inside.

With poor circulation, increased blood thickness, higher risk of stroke all side effects of smoking, alongside the damage it causes to your heart and lungs too. There’s a whole host of damages that smoking causes to your body and quitting can help you to repair some of the damage made, before it’s too late.


One of the best things about electronic cigarettes are the unique e-liquid flavours available, with everything from pink lemonade to cappuccino, and rum and cola to banana split you’re totally spoilt for choice with which flavour to pick.

Alongside the range of e-liquids there are also a number of mods and atomizers which allow you to customize your e-cigarettes appearance and switch it up whilst you vape.

Increased Sense of Smell

It’s a pretty obvious one that smoking stinks, it’s a smell which seems to attach itself everywhere from your breath and hair to clothes and furniture, and one that you’ll be much better off without. With the range of e-liquids available you won’t be burdened with nasty smells following you around.

Smoking also kills off your other senses, including your sense of taste. After 48 hours of being smoke free your sense of taste and smell start to improve.

Money Saving

Smoking is expensive, extortionately so and swapping cigarettes for e-cigarettes can help you to save as much as nearly £4,000 per year. When you start to add up just how much you smoke a day alongside the cost it can help to shock you into kick starting your healthy living campaign.

Think about where the money you’ll save could be spent, from using it as extra pocket money to booking a holiday the possibilities are endless. By cutting the costs by as much as two thirds, you’ll still be able to smoke as much as before but with more money in your pocket and your health it tact.

Industry Scaremongering

Sadly, whilst electronic cigarettes have done so much good for smokers, there is still a large amount of industry scaremongering occurring. We put together a guide on the importance of shopping with a reputable e-cigarette retailer which highlights what to look out for when shopping for electronic cigarettes.

Whilst they are hard to miss it’s important to remember that the studies so far into electronic cigarettes have published some incredible results. The NHS has even declared that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking after a study by Public Health England was released.

With so many reasons to quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes, make the change today and you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier life.

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