Straight Facts on Electronic Cigarettes

Are you looking for an alternative to regular cigarettes? Have you had trouble trying to stop smoking? Electronic cigarettes are the perfect solution to help people to stop smoking, even though they were not originally created as smoking cessation products. If you have never used these products, then you will probably want information on hard facts surrounding the effects of their usage and what they are all about. Most manufacturers will include the basics of their products, but they don’t really go into a lot of detail.

The Basics of an Electronic Cigarette

In a nutshell, an electronic cigarette is a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They provide smokers with the nicotine that they desire without the harmful effects of smoke. They do not contain agents like tar or tobacco, and they do not burn.  An electronic cigarette releases a harmless water vapour into the air that disperses very quickly. It does not produce an odour, and no harsh chemicals are present. This allows the user to enjoy the e-cig in social settings, public places, or in the workplace, without irritating other people that are nearby. Electronic cigarettes do not produce unpleasant waste such as cigarette butts either, so this is a huge advantage in their favour.

Saving Money with Electronic Cigarettes

Manufacturers produce electronic cigarettes with varying levels of nicotine. For those who wish to reduce nicotine or to avoid it altogether, there are low level nicotine cartridges. Electronic cigarettes are not marketed to make people stop smoking, but they can help them to cut down significantly on the level of nicotine that people are placing into their bodies. They will be able to appease their addiction, while gradually tapering the level down over a long period of time. One electronic cigarette can last a long time, depending on the amount of fluid in the cartridge and the lifetime of the battery. The mechanism is power-driven by a battery that you can recharge when it has low power. On average, the typical cartridge is equivalent to about two packs of regular cigarettes. Since cartridges are so much cheaper than cigarettes, consumers can save a bundle of money.

The Components of Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette consists of three major parts. A mouthpiece, a cartomizer, and a battery are the basic pieces that make the electronic cigarette to function properly. The mouthpiece is typically designed using either plastic or metal.  It houses the cartridge that has the nicotine. If the cartridge can be refilled, then the mouth piece will need to be cleaned since it will not be replaced. The heating element that is used for vaporizing the liquid solution that is inhaled is known as the cartomizer. It can either exist on its own or it can also be housed by the mouthpiece. Regular replacement of the cartomizer is suggested, because it makes the e-cigarette more effective to use. The LED light which is located at the tip of the electronic cigarette or the battery, always lights up when the user presses the button. This gives the user a similar sensation of smoking. There are hundreds of flavoring choices available, so you will be able to choose from all types of flavors that include everything from traditional tobacco and menthol to cherry, liquor, coffee and more. E-cigarettes came in different shapes, sizes, designs and prices as well.

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