Study confirms that e-cigs do not renormalise smoking

The concern that electronic cigarettes will renormalise smoking, or act as a gateway to traditional tobacco products, is one commonly touted by the media. The theory goes that, unlike tobacco cigarettes, E liquids are more flavoursome and varied which encourages more people to take up vaping, which in turn could promote nicotine addiction.

However, in response a number of surveys have been conducted in order to alleviate these fears, the most recent of which, was by Dr Constantine Vardavas.

Dr Vardavas, who works with the Harvard School of Public Health and his colleagues analysed data from 2012, which had been collected from over 26,000 people across 27 European countries. Based on this data and their research, they estimate that roughly 29 million people have tried an e cigarette and that’s just in Europe! They also revealed that the majority of these were either heavy smokers or were looking to quit smoking.

In addition to this, they found that those who had attempted to quit smoking in the last year were more than twice as likely to have tried vaping; typically these people tended to be around 6 to 10 a day smokers, rather than light or social smokers.

The data also revealed that e-cig usage was highest in the late teens to mid-twenties age bracket, but no evidence could be found to suggest that young people were trying e cigarettes on a whim. According to the statistics, 20% of smokers had tried an ecig, 4% of ex-smokers had tried the device and a little over 1% of non-smokers had tried the devices.

Commenting on the data, renowned cardiologist and e-cig advocate Konstantinos Farsalinos, said, “This study verifies that e-cigarette use does not renormalise smoking. The results show minimal adoption by non-smokers.”

The report stated, “A substantial number of EU adults have ever used e-cigarettes. Ever users were more likely to be younger, current smokers or past-year quit attempters. These findings underscore the need to evaluate the potential long term impact of e-cigarette use on consumer health, cessation and nicotine addiction and formulate a European framework for e-cigarette regulation within the revised EU Tobacco Product Directive.”

Here at Cloudstix, we like to keep a keen eye on the ever changing electronic cigarette industry. New research like this is vital to ensuring that e-cigs continue to be available to the public and are regulated sensibly by the relevant authorities.

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