Study shows e-cigarettes 99% less harmful than smoking


Recent research has confirmed that the chemicals found in the vapour produced by e-cigarettes pose no threat to both its users and bystanders, with their levels of emissions being deemed as “insignificant” and “trivial”.

Conducted by Professor Igor Burstyn at the Drexel University School of Public Health in Philadelphia, the research looked at the chemicals produced when using e cigarette liquid when ‘vaping’, a term used to describe using the cigarettes due to the vapour they let off into the air. It confirmed that the odourless steam not only poses no danger to others, but also produces no health concerns for those who actively smoke them.

Using over 9,000 peer reviewed papers and documents on the chemicals found in e juice and cigarettes, Burstyn also concluded that due to their low levels of nicotine, e-cigarettes have the same effects on the body as merely having a cup of coffee.

The findings significantly benefit the recent campaign amongst e-cigarette users for them to be allowed to smoke in public, which if conducted successfully could see the widespread acceptance of cigarettes in their electric form in places like pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Thanks to their increasingly popularity there’s also been an upsurge in the variety of flavoured e liquids available to purchase, as well as celebrity endorsements, being used by the likes of Hollywood actor Leonardo di Caprio and supermodel Kate Moss.

Funded by The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives, also known as the CASAA, the research was initially carried out to reach a definite conclusion concerning the consequences of vaping, in response to a number of unreliable and ill-informed small studies which have been produced biased results and consequently used as propaganda against the production of e-cigarettes.

This research however reaches a consensus on their impact, being funded by a not-for-profit organisation without the influence of commercial corporations to establish that the effects of using e-cigarettes are negligible for both active and passive users.

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