Study Shows Two-Thirds Of Americans Aren’t Bothered By E-Cigs

According to msnbc, a recent study shows that almost two-thirds of American’s are not overly bothered about an e-cigarette being used in public. The study was conducted by Harris Interactive and was established a month after a team of Democratic Senators insisted “an apology from the Hollywood Foreign Press and NBC for airing footage of celebrities smoking e-cigarettes during the Golden Globes.”

The senators also said that the footage was sending out the wrong message and encouraging teens to start using these devices however, manufacturers of e-cigarettes strongly disagree.

John Wiesehan Jr, Mistic CEO, said, “You have to start with who the target consumer is. We go after the current smoker. We’re not trying to attract those who don’t already smoke.”

However, it isn’t just electronic cigarette corporations who have stood their ground with the device; the study mentioned above claims that a total of 71% of males and 55% of females who were surveyed said that they are not bothered if someone is using one of these devices within proximity to them. Also, at sporting events, a total of 58% claimed that they didn’t care or mind if someone was using the device nearby; however, acceptance of the electronic cigarette dropped staggeringly when it came to usage on planes with only 26% in favour of the devices.

Wiesehan said, “Because the e-cigarette is a relatively new consumer product, there are a lot of questions about government regulation and whether these devices should be allowed in certain places.”
In addition, it has been said that last month the senators compiled an argument against the use of these devices, saying that celebrities using these products actually ‘glamourizes’ the device and encourages the youth to take up smoking.

They said, “We are troubled that these images glamourize smoking and serve as a celebrity endorsements that could encourage young fans to begin smoking traditional cigarettes of e-cigarettes.”

However, Wiesehan responded, “What they neglect to see is the things we get from consumers every day who smoked one…two…three packs a day and can breathe now and exercise now that they switched to e-cigarettes. Our study shows the consumers are pretty smart. They get it.”

What do you think about the results of the study? Do you feel comfortable with someone vaping around you or do you feel less secure about the use of the devices?

Here at Cloudstix, we fully support the findings of the studies we publish and hope that others can recognise that these devices are a healthier, safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

If you have any questions or queries surrounding the electronic cigarette or would simply to like know more about our products, please take a moment to navigate our site to find all the information you need or alternatively, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team through our website. We would be happy to take your call.

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