Study Suggests A Massive Impact Of Flavours On E-Cigarette Experience

As we all know, e liquid is available in a variety of different flavours and tastes designed to suit you and your tastes; but how important are different flavours when substituting tobacco-based products like traditional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes? Well, let’s a take look.

In December 2013 a study was conducted by Dr Farsalinos to evaluate the impact of flavour variability on the experience of vaping in dedicated e-cigarette smokers. This study was done through an online survey and there were 4618 participants involved.

Out of this sample, over 90% were former smokers and those remaining were dual users, smoking both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. On average, three different variants of flavours were frequently used by participants and it was found that the former smoker percentage were more likely to switch between flavours than dual users. Results also showed that tobacco flavours were more popular while afterwards there was a significant switch to fruity and sweet flavours.

When asked to rate the importance of flavour variability, the majority of participants gave it an average score of 4 out of 5, in their efforts to substitute or reduce the amount of traditional cigarette products they consumed.
What’s more is that over half of the population of participants reported back saying that if flavour variability was restricted, it would increase their cravings for traditional cigarettes and make it harder for them to substitute tobacco-based products with an electronic cigarette. On a final note, the number of flavours that were initially used were an ‘an independent predictor of smoking abstinence.’

This study was very important as it reviewed the common assumption that all vapers can relate with; ‘flavours are an important part of e-cigarettes’ success and pleasure perceived by vapers’. In addition, adults also enjoy the flavours that are offered on today’s market and the study also proves that the flavours available are marketed due to a high demand on behalf of regular vapers. They are not only vital for a vaper’s success in letting go of traditional cigarettes, the article publishing the study also suggests that, based on the evidence, they are not targeted at today’s youth and that ‘any regulation that would restrict variability would be inappropriate’.

Instead, and granted many health officials and e-cigarette companies including Cloudstix alike have made the effort to do so, regulations should be imposed in order to restrict electronic cigarette and e liquid sales to those below the age of 18 rather than taking away a factor that contributes towards smoker’s switching to a safer, healthier alternative. Finally, flavour variability should be continued and maintained for those who presently smoker and those who choose to use an electronic cigarette as an alternative habit to smoking.

So, as you can see a variety in flavours is fundamentally important when using an electronic cigarette. Here at Cloudstix, we offer a vast range of e liquid flavours designed to appeal to even the most pernickety of people at a very affordable price. If you’d like to know more about our range or have any questions regarding electronic cigarettes of eliquid, please contact us through our website today.

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